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Welcome to CHRSM and thank you for your interest in our ministry!  Before proceeding with a request for membership in our organization, please review the following documents to be certain that our ministry will fit your family's needs. Once you submit the electronic application, you are affirming that you agree with and will abide by all that is stated herein:

-  Mission Statement

-  Statement of Faith

-  Code of Conduct

-  Policies

After reviewing these carefully, you have an interest in becoming part of our CHRSM family, you will need to fill out the family application form located below.  In order to be approved, you will need to indicate that you have read, are in agreement with, and will commit to adhere to the documents above. Once we have approved your application, you will have access to the secure portion of our website. However, your application will be 'parked' until you submit your signed Statement of Faith and non-refundable application fee of $50 per child (max family fee of $150).

Please make your check payable to Saint Francis de Sales, and write "CHRSM Application" in the memo line. 

After the application fee is received, we will notify you via email that your account is 'Active' and you are permitted to register for classes once registration begins for your tier. 

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Additional Questions

Payment Instructions

Application fees and tuition payments can only be made by check, bank transfer or cash paid in person.

-  Personal Check.  If paying by check, please make the check payable to Saint Francis de Sales. It is critical that you indicate 'CHSRM' in the memo line, as well as what the payment is to cover. Ex:  __CHRSM Tuition Payment___.  

-  Bank Transfer. Please contact us for further information. 

- Cash may be paid only to a CHRSM Director and in the presence of another CHRSM member. You will be given a receipt; please retain it in your files for evidence of payment.

Payment Options