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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does all of the fun stuff happen?

Our Meeting Days take place at a church in Colchester, CT.  Our FUNdraisers are usually in Rocky Hill.  The nursing home we visit is in Marlborough.  Field trips and family fellowship events take place throughout Connecticut.

When do you meet for classes?

We meet for classes twice a month on Friday mornings from 9:15am - 1:00pm.  

What is the minimum age for registering for classes?

If you're planning on homeschooling or already homeschooling, you are welcome to join us whenever you feel your child is ready.  If your preschooler will not go to class without you, that's not a problem; just volunteer to help with the preschool class!  Your child is also welcome to attend Mom's Time with you until s/he is comfortable staying without you.

How does registration work?

Once registration opens, each family registers for classes right on our website.

What if my student is a year or two older or younger than the listed ages for a class?

The ages listed refer to the ages that the class was designed for, but with instructor permission, a student may try a class outside of the suggested age range.

What if my child doesn't like any of the classes offered during one of the blocks?

All students need to select a class for each block. We would encourage him/her to pick the one that seems most interesting and s/he may find a new interest. Other options are to suggest an additional class for that block or volunteer to help in a younger class.

Are there any attendance commitments?

Because we are a co-op and classes depend on parent and student participation, we ask that families commit to attend all Meeting Days (twice a month).  Of course, we understand that there will be times (sickness, vacation, new family member, etc.) when families won't be able to attend. 

What about the other activities?

Field trips, FUNdraisers, ministry events and family fellowship events are great opportunities for fellowship, fun, learning and/or serving.  Families can sign up for the ones they would like to attend.

Is this a drop-off program?

No.  This is a co-op and co-ops require cooperation! During Meeting Days, parents are encouraged to participate in Chapel Time with their children, attend a Mom's Time Group and either teach or assist in classes.

What is Chapel Time?

We start each Meeting Day with Chapel Time.  During Chapel Time we worship together, work on a Scripture memory passage, enjoy a short Bible teaching and have a time of prayer.

What is Mom's Time?  

Mom's Time is a cross between a book club, Bible study, fellowship group and homeschool support group.  Moms are encouraged to take this time to relax, fellowship, get to know other moms and learn something new.

Are there any opportunities for fathers to get involved?

Yes!  Family fellowship events, camping trips and some ministry opportunities are scheduled during the evenings or on the weekends so fathers can participate too.  Fathers are always welcome at all events and are also welcome to teach a class, one time or for a semester, if/when their schedules permit.  Classes taught by fathers are always a treat!