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About Crossroads CO-OP


Board Paid

Do Board Members get paid? Is CCC a business?


No, board members do not get paid. We are a not a business. Board member are moms just like you that are volunteering their time.  What keeps them going is emails of gratitude, smiles on kids faces, and encouragement from members like you.  If you are unhappy over something, it would be great for you to pray before emailing or speaking to them about something that didn't go the way you planned or had hoped.  Remember your words can build them up or tear them down.  The hope is that CCC will continue to bless families for many more years to come!


Help CCC

What can I do to help CCC?


Pray!  Pray! Pray!

Please pray over those that lead the group and be kind in your words.  It is a lot of work that many don't realize.  Negative comments and complaining emails can burn out and weigh a board down, which will eventually cause CCC to fail.  Try to problem solve small issues by reading the FAQ or praying before emailing.

Please pray over the teachers. Many teachers of CCC are new to teaching and do not have a degree in teaching.  CCC teachers are also moms that just volunteer their time.  They not only have their kids to teach, but also yours.  They give it all that they have and sometimes their approach may not be yours, yet remember to give grace as they are learning.  Pray for God to help them grow and remember to encourage them as they are giving up their time for you.

Please pray over families that attend CCC.  CCC has never gone out looking for families to join and instead prayed for God to lead the right families to CCC.  Pray for God to bring in the right families and the right teachers. Pray for God to continue to take care of all the details to keep CCC going.

Please pray over the Church.  CCC has had many homes over the years and God has always provided.  This church has made us more and more their own.  Remember to treat the building as you would your home.  Thank the staff and pray God to continue to bless the building and people that go to the church as they are blessing us.


Co op Cost

How much does it cost to attend co op?


Our current cost per semester is $65.00 per family.  Discounts are given to the teachers.  Some classes may have a material/lab fee such as art or science or a required book as in our literature or science classes.

In order to attend the co op, you will need to become a CCC member. The cost per year is $20.

This cost is for the entire family.  We do not charge per student.  The fees pay for the building, administration, activities, supplies, and insurance. 


Registration/Refund Guidelines

How do registration costs work, and are refunds available?



To register for CCC classes, you have to pay a registration fee and a support group fee . The registration fee is NON-Refundable and banking fees will not be refunded for the class fees. We do not offer refunds in the case of absences or for dropping classes voluntarily or for discipline issues. Once you sign up for a class, the teacher is prepared for you to be there. You can be refunded for class fees if you drop a class before the semester begins.  Once the semester begins class fees will also be non-refundable.

Registration and support group fees must be PAID IN FULL at the time of registration in order to hold your spot.  Those who do not pay up front will be bumped from their classes to make way for a paying family.

Class fees are separate, and will be broken into 2 easy payments.  A missing payment will result in full payment being required up front for the following semester.




Payment Plan

Can I do a payment plan because financially i can not afford everything at once?


Yes, you can do a payment plan if you financially can not afford the payment all at once. You will need to contact CCC board through the contact on the website.  You will then discuss the options of payments with the CCC accountant.


Enrollment Dates

When does open enrollment begin and how many semesters are there?


CCC Co op has two semesters for the year (Eight co ops per semester).  Fall semester dates are from Aug/Sept to Nov/Dec.  We try to complete the fall semester in November because December is usually a busy month for everyone.  Spring semester dates are from Jan. to April/May.  We try to complete the spring semester by April when possible.  

Enrollment for the fall semester typically begins in May for returning families and at the end of May or the first week of June for new familes.  Enrollment stays open for a short time because we want to make sure that all our teachers have a roster and time to prepare throughout the summer for their class.

Enrollment for the spring semester is very short.  We allow new familes one week in early December to enroll if possible.  Most classes are continued classes and we are a very full co op so it doesn't always work out easily for new families to sign up for the second semeser.


No Drop Off 

Can I drop my child off for classes?



During the semester, parents will be assigned to be a rescue helper, teacher’s assistant, pre-school helper, nursery helper, or teacher.  Parents are not required to teach. All parents, however, are required to attend. Parents must be present in the building while their children attend co-op and all children attending must be registered in a class.  

Levels of Parental Involvement  

Back-up Rescue Helper: When we have exhausted our rescue helper list, you will be asked to fill in wherever needed.  To receive your class assignment, refer to the rescue helper sheet at the sign-in table when you are a back-up rescue helper.

Rescue Helper: Fill in wherever needed for someone who may be absent or a class that may need extra help. To receive your class assignment, refer to the rescue helper sheet at the sign-in table when you are a rescue helper.

Teacher’s Assistant: Be an extra set of hands to help the teacher.  Please keep phone usage limited during classes and primarily for emergency situations or urgent messages or voicemails. Please step to the back of the class during such moments so as to not draw attention away from the teacher.

Teacher: Share your gift and teach the children.  All of our teacher positions have been filled for this semester.

Success: The success of our Co-op is directly proportional to the commitment level of our families.  You are important in making Co-op work and without each family’s dedication, we fail.


Assigned Classrooms

How do I know where each classroom is and where to go?



You will need to print your registration off from your class summary, which will have the classroom listed with the classroom number.  If you wish, you may write your child’s schedule and place it in their backpack to assist them.  

Room Numbers/Escorts: All rooms will be labeled outside the door with each class name to assist the children in finding their rooms.  Assistants of younger kid classes (Ages 5-7) will take the children from one class to the next so that they are never alone in the building.


Drop/Change Class

Can my child drop or change a class that they signed up for?


Dropping or Changing a class: Classes need to be approved by the board for dropping or changing.  No classes may be dropped after the 2nd class. Email the board if you have any concerns or questions prior to the first day of co op.  Co op classes fill up quick and they become closed, so changing classes may or may  not be an option. Classes that are full may not be dropped depending on the circumstance.


Learning Disabilities

My child has some learning disabilities and may struggle keeping up with the class.  Is there a way for them to attend for the experience in the class, to be able to do the group exercises/experiments without expectations of assignments being completed?


We have allowed children to autdit classes. This will depend upon the class that you would like to attend. 

Auditing:  High School or Jr. High students that have a learning disability who would like to gain a better understanding of the material taught in the class, yet without the heavy workload, can take advantage of auditing. An audit is a supplement class and would not receive a credit or grade from the teacher. Auditing needs to be approved by the teacher. All students are expected to participate and be prepared with the material being discussed. 

The intention to audit must be declared in advance of the start of the course. If problems arise during the course, auditing can be discussed between parent and teacher. If your child has a disability and would like to try to audit then it would be best to contact the teacher to help prepare a plan for your child.


Teacher Communication

How is the communicattion done with the teachers?


The website has a forum for each class and the teachers have the families' email addresses to send emails if needed. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to the teacher as well.


Missed Assignments

Life has been crazy! What ...was there an assignment?  We totally messed up and forgot to get it done.  What will happen?


Consequence for Missed Assignments:  Students who do not complete an assignment need to communicate with the teacher on why and what happened.  CCC teachers are amazing and full of grace!  They are there to help your child grow and learn, yet their time is very valuable and some classes rely on students completing the work in order to be a success. 

  1. If student has a missed assignment the teacher will talk to the parent about the assignment needing to be turned in through email and cc a board member.
  2. If the student still has not turned in the missed assignment, the teacher will contact the parent, and leave the grade responsibility in the hands of the parent.  The same board member will be cc on the situation.

Conflict With an Assignment: If you ever have a conflict with an assignment, speak to the teacher right away. Do not wait until the project is due. Students should not email teacher privately. Another adult should be included on the email. Please CC a board member as well. This will allow the CCC Board to be sure that we are meeting the needs of all members to the best of our ability and to remain an encouraging community.  


Supplies for Co op

What does my child need to bring to class?



  • Backpacks (labeled with child’s full name)

  • 1 box of crayons

  • glue sticks



  • Backpacks (labeled with child’s full name)

  • 2 pencils

  • 1 box of crayons and/or colored pencils in a bag

  • 1 pair of scissors

  • 1 glue stick

  • 1 box of markers in a bag

  • notebook paper

  • 1 folder

  • Any other supplies/books specified for each individual class.




  • Notebooks

  • Highlighters, Pencils

  • Any other supplies/books specified for each individual class.

Check your child’s bag often so you know when pencils need sharpening and supplies need replenishing.  

To ensure items aren’t mixed up with other classmates’ please label the backpack with your child’s name as well as the crayons and markers.


Check In

How does the check in work when I arrive at co op?


Sign in at the front desk and check the rescue helper sheet.  Place all belongings for lunch in the FH against the wall.

Teachers need to arrive by 8:45 am.

1st BLOCK STUDENTS: Students will wait in the fellowship hall, and will be released to first block at 8:50 am. 

3rd BLOCK: Students will be dismissed from lunch by a co-op leader. Students who are ages 5 through 9 will be escorted to their classroom. Students who are 10 and older will go directly to their classroom when dismissed from lunch.  


Check Out

What is the end of the day procedure?



Each family will be assigned one room/area of the church to clean at the end of the day.  An email will be sent and also at the front desk listing all cleaning assignments. Older children will be asked to assist with cleanup at the end of the day when available. If we all work together to pick up at the end of the day, we can all go home quickly.  



  • At 2:40 teachers may release students ages 8 and up to travel independently to their parent's location.
  • All children ages 7 and under must be picked up by a parent or a sibling.  The sibling must be 11 and up.
  • Teachers and helpers should take turns picking up their own children ages 7 and under, and return to their assigned room to clean.
  • Children should stay with their parent until the cleaning assignment is complete.  
  • Children should not be allowed to run around inside the church. This includes our older students.

  •  A parent may choose to send their children out to the playground, but only if supervised by an older sibling.  This is at the parent's own risk, and neither CCC or Chapel of the Lake can be held responsible for any accidents/injuries that may occur.

  • Gather all of your items that you brought to Co-op.  Anything left will be in the church’s lost and found.

  • If you leave before the fourth block, please pick nursery and preschool children up from their room, and children older than preschool at the front desk.



CCC Lunch 

Is there a lunch time and what is the procedure?


Yes! We have a lunch right after the 2nd block.


  • Food/drink/picnic blanket: Parents must bring a picnic blanket on which to eat.  This will help with keeping the church clean.  Please be mindful of liquids and clean up all messes. No Red Drinks allowed

  • We are a peanut free co-op.  No peanut/peanut butter items are to be brought into the building for the safety of our members.  

  • We will meet in the fellowship hall 11:25 A.M-12:10 P.M.

  • Weather permitting, the children will be allowed to go outside in the designated area to have free play at the playground.  There will be a sign on the door that states when the playground is open or closed.  All kids under the age of 10 need to have their parent/adult with them to be outside on the playground.  

  • If children are found outside the designated area, or outside without an adult, we will no longer have the privilege with the church to go outside for lunch, so we need parents to help to keep this privilege available for all.

  • The children may not play or run in the building.   

  • Parents, you are responsible for making sure your child follows lunchtime rules.  Please watch your child at all times. Parents are responsible for any damages caused by their children.

  • 12:05 P.M.: Visit the restroom, clean-up your lunch mess, and empty all liquids before placing them into the trash can.  Teachers and parents of pre-k are dismissed after announcements are given.

  • Students may only take water outside of the FH.  All other drinks need to be put away or discarded.

12:10 P.M.:  Students 10 and older will be dismissed from lunch by a Co-op leader to go directly to their classroom. Students who are  ages 5 through 9 will be escorted to their classroom.


Dress Code

Is there a dress code?



Dress:Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately to spend the day running, playing and having fun. If girls wear dresses, they should be fingertip length or longer and have shorts, tights or leggings on underneath. Please, no shirts showing midriff or belly buttons. Tight pants, jeggings or leggings should be worn with a longer shirt for all students. Undergarments should not be visible. Clothing with questionable graphics should not be worn.


Student Safety

What kinds of procedures are in place for protecting my child?


Buddy System

  • Please do not allow a student to go to bathroom, or anywhere in the church, without a buddy of the same sex.  The Upstairs restrooms are off limits.  


Adult Safety

  • If possible, do not enter bathroom when students are using the restroom.  We have restrooms that are closer to the fellowship hall that are less often used.   Also, we try to never have teachers alone in a classroom so as to maintain two-deep leadership.  We know at times this may be impossible.  If you find yourself alone in the room, keep the door open until your assistant returns.

Bathroom Safety

1. Students over the age of 10 may go to a bathroom alone as long as they are accompanied by the assistant teacher. The assistant teacher may wait outside the bathroom before escorting the student back to class or stand watch at class doorway if bathroom is in sight.

2. During lunch, an older sibling may responsibly accompany a younger sibling to the bathroom.

3. Students over the age of 10 may go to the bathroom alone during lunch.


Lost and Found

I forgot my coat!  Is there a lost and found??


We do not have a CCC lost and found at the church.  If anything is left then it will be placed with the churches lost and found on rack above the coats.


When and Where

How often does the co op meet, where, and what day do you meet?


CCC Co op schedule is depenent upon the church calendar.  We try to meet twice a month (every other week).  Sometimes we have no choice and have a Back2Back co op, which is two Fridays in a row.  We will always meet on a Friday. We meet in Lake St. Louis.


Mom Fellowship 

Is there a time to fellowship and connect with other moms?


If you attend all 4 blocks then you will be scheduled one block off.  If you attend 3 or less blocks then your off block is the block that you chose not to attend co op.  If you are not needed as a rescue helper then you will have that block off to fellowship.

Their is a designated area for parents who are off or do not have a rescue helper assignment.  You are welcome to fellowship or prepare for class in this area. Children are not allowed in this area, not even if accompanied by a parent.  If it is nice outside, moms can sit outside or in their car as long as front desk can get you in case you are needed. (please inform front desk)



What are the absence policies?



In the event you will be absent, please call so we can place a rescue helper in your place. E-mailing us the night before is even better.  For contact information, check with the front desk. If you know that one Co-op date interferes with a previous obligation, please make us aware of that date.  If two Co-op dates interfere, please wait until next semester to enroll your family. Therefore, if a family has 2 unexcused absences (not absent from sickness), they will be put on the waiting list for the next semester instead of receiving priority registration.  

In some cases, we have had parents arrange for a family member to watch their sick child so that the mom and the well children can attend Co-op.  We have also had some families ask a father or grandparent to attend Co-op in the mother’s stead. This is permitted, not mandatory, but certainly appreciated. In order to help with children under the age of 12 a background check will need to be done. Please let the board know if another family member will be attending so that we know how to schedule the day.  

Teachers : If you know that you will be absent please prepare your assistant or someone else that could take over your class.



What is your sick policy?



We understand that all families want to do everything they can to participate in Co-op each Friday, however if you or your children are ill, we would much prefer you stay home and get well.  The following guidelines may help you make your decision whether or not to join us.

Your child may NOT participate in Co-op if he or she:

  • Has had a fever of ANY degree above 99º in the past 24 hours.

  • Has discharge from the eyes or nose.

  • Has experienced diarrhea or vomiting in the past 24 hours.

  • Has ANY type of rash or unidentified skin irritation that has not been diagnosed as non-contagious by a physician.

  • Has a severe cough.

We trust your discretion in deciding whether or not your child is well enough to participate on any given Friday.  However, for the sake of all families, if your child is observed to have any of these symptoms, you will be asked to leave for the day.  Please understand our decisions are made in the best interest of all the children who participate.

Sick children must stay home.  They may not sit in the car with a parent or alone while siblings attend co-op.  For the safety of all, please do not bring sick children into the building. We utilize every area the church has given us; we do not have an area in the building where parents can sit with sick children.


Snow Day

What is your snow day policy?



The Co-op will run on the same Snow Day Schedule as the Ft. Zumwalt  School District/Wentzville School District. If school is closed for the district, there will be no Co-op.  An email will go out immediately to all families if we close due to weather.  Depending on the church’s availability and if one is needed, we will email with the backup day.

Always check your email the morining of co op if you are unsure.  An email will be sent if there is a cancelation.



My child is off on spring break.  Can I bring them to co op?  Can I bring a friend?



Co-op is always interested in opening our doors to new families.  If you know of a family that thinks they might be interested they can check out the website or email a board member about visiting. We will give them a tour and answer questions. Anyone who is not enrolled in Co-op should receive a guest pass for security purposes.  Due to size and insurance purposes, only enrolled students and families may attend the CCC co op.

A child that is on spring break will need to have aproval to attend.  Classes are not always able to accomodate extra students due to supplies.




What kinds of fundraisers does CCC participate in?  What does the money goto?



Please collect Box Tops. We will have a box for these items at the front desk.   Schnuck’s escrip cards also earn CCC funding. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible.  

All money goes to CCC that helps pay for activities and keep CCC costs down.