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Veritas 2022-2023 Application

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Application for the 2022-2023 school year – Veritas Christian Home School Group

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Child 1: NAME, DOB, and GRADE for upcoming school year


Child 2: NAME, DOB, and GRADE for upcoming school year


Child 3: NAME, DOB, and GRADE for upcoming school year


Child 4: NAME, DOB, and GRADE for upcoming school year


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Child 6: NAME, DOB, and GRADE for upcoming school year

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Please describe your educational background and personal interests/gifts

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Do you have classroom teaching experience? If so, types of classes you have taught in the past

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What age groups are you most comfortable with?

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Nursery Preschool
Kindergarten 1-2 Grade
3-4 Grade 5-6 Grade
7-12 Grade
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In what areas would you most like to serve?

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Lead Teacher Classroom Aide
Nursery Care PreK/Kindergarten Teacher
Organization Projects
Prayer Ministry

Are you currently involved in another homeschool group?


Name of current home school group


How long have you been involved in your current group?


How do you serve in your current group?

Member Commitment:

Veritas (VCHG) is a unique Christian co-op offering community, enrichment and academic classes. God has blessed our community richly and we have been able to offer excellence through the strong commitment of each member. Members of VCHG agree/commit to:

  1. Strive to honor God in all we do.
  2. Read, understand and agree with Statement of Faith(
  3. Being a peacemaker – using the Bible as our guide to navigate relationships, conflict and instruction.
  4. Notifying their local school district of their intent to home school in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3321.04.
  5. Not participating in public or private virtual e-school (i.e. OHVA, ECOT, K-12 etc.)
  6. One typical school year including, on a weekly basis, 2 in class periods with 1 sub hour in the morning and 2 in class periods in the afternoon per trimester.
  7. Being prepared and giving their best efforts to VCHG including serving as a substitute when needed.
  8. Making attendance and timeliness a priority. Repeated unexcused absences and tardiness are grounds for dismissal.
  9. Understanding that VCHG chooses to use Creation-based, young earth curriculum for our core science classes.
  10. Understanding that new family enrollment to VCHG is based on teaching needs, space available and length of wait in that order.
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I have read, understand, and agree to the VCHG Member Commitments.

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Briefly describe your Personal Testimony

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My life before I became a Christ follower

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How and when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior

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What my life is like now

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How did you hear about Veritas Christian Homeschool Group?