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Seller Information: Used Curriculum Sale

Used Curriculum Sale “Sellers”,

Thank you participating in this year’s Used Curriculum Sale! We hope you have lots of books and educational items to sell. Keep cleaning out – you have a few more days to find more items to sell.

Instructions to mark your books: http://ucs.sudleysprings.com/inch/ You must register online and print labels with barcodes for your books. We are using a computerized system – seller numbers are no longer issued. Instructions include specific information on how to label and classify each item you wish to sell, along with when to drop-off your items and when to pick up unsold things after the sale. Questions? Contact Krista Royston by email.

  1. Bring your books to the Lansing Center on Thursday, May 16th between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. Bring all your books in an unmarked box (or boxes). We will label the boxes after the sale and use them to re-sort the books after the sale is over. Every seller will receive a “coupon” for free admission to the sale on Friday.
  1. Parking: No need to park your car, there is a loading zone outside the Lansing Center. We will have dollies and teens available to help you bring your books in from your vehicle. Otherwise you will have to pay to park before 6pm. There are meters on the street, parking under the building for $7 and numerous parking lots in the area.
  1. Pick up all unsold books on Friday, May 17th, between 5:00pm and 6:00pm at the Lansing Center, in front of the entrance of Hall A. If you cannot make it during this pick-up time, please arrange to have your books picked up by someone else. Books not picked up by 6:00pm will be charged a $20 fee and the boxes will be moved to the INCH vendor hall at the Lansing Center and given away for free or placed in the dumpster if space is not available in the vendor hall. When you pick up your books, we ask that you verify that all the items in your box are yours.
  1. All items are left at the Lansing Center at your own risk. INCH cannot be held responsible for missing or miss-sorted items. We are providing a service. We will do our best to keep good records and return unsold items to their proper owners.
  1. Cost: INCH keeps 15% of your profit. The rest is mailed to you in a check approximately 10 days after the sale. If you would like to see what was sold at the sale, you can do so by printing out your mastersheet after the completion of the sale.