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How We Operate...We Do It Together

A Community of Support...
CHESS provides a wide variety of opportunities to interact with other families who, like you, are striving to follow the Lord in the home education of their children. Some are just starting to homeschool, others are seasoned veterans; all are an important part of the CHESS community.

Our desire is to simplify your life as we pool our efforts, so that individual families don't have to continually "re-invent the wheel." We've discovered that if one family is looking for help with something, often others are too! CHESS is committed to finding and providing the support, services, and resources home educators need, so that no one has to do it alone.

We are already joined together through our common faith and our commitment to home educate our children, so why not work together? When we function as the community of believers God intended us to be, the possibilities are endless!

A Network of Services...
CHESS operates under the direction of a volunteer leadership team of seven home schooling couples, but what really makes CHESS work is that so many give so willingly! Each renewing CHESS family chooses one of over 40 areas in which to serve. Often this means simply sharing resources or services they're already involved in with the rest of CHESS. New members are encouraged to participate as our guests during their first year -- just observing, learning, and getting acquainted. We want them to have time to discover an area where their strengths and abilities can be beneficial to the CHESS network of families.