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CHESS Leadership...

CHESS is governed and directed by a self-perpetuating Leadership Team composed of twelve volunteer home educating couples, called by God and willing to serve others through this ministry. Together the Team sets policies, administers the budget, and shares the responsibilities and workload of organizing and overseeing CHESS.  Each Team member has taken on specific areas of responsibility and has broad powers for executing their specific tasks.

For more information on this year's leadership team, please contact us.  Couples asked to serve on the CHESS Leadership Team are: 

  • Those who are servant-leaders, leading by example, with priorities in order; 
  • Those who have an ongoing personal ministry within CHESS in which there is true ownership and "hands-on" involvement in a specific area;
  • Those who have a vision, passion, or burden on their hearts for ministering to homeschooling families in a specific area - especially one which lines up with their gifts and talents;
  • Those who are not focused exclusively on their single area of service, however, but see themselves as a team player, looking beyond themselves and working toward the good of the whole; 
  • Those desiring to impact the world for Christ by ministering to other homeschooling families and investing in future generations by working now to establish opportunities that will continue to bless others long after our own families are grown!

Characteristics we're looking for in potential CHESS Leadership Team couples:

  • A strong commitment to the Lord: fairly mature in their Christian walks.
  • A strong commitment to one another: a good marriage as a second priority only to the Lord; their love for one another is evident.
  • A strong commitment to raising godly children: those seeking to implement Biblical training and discipline in their children.
  • A strong commitment to homeschooling; those who have deep convictions and feel they're clearly called by God to homeschool.
  • A strong commitment to the Body of Christ, the Church Universal? not just to their own local congregation.
  • A husband who actively leads his family and wholeheartedly supports and participates in the process of homeschooling.
  • A wife who submits to her husband's leadership and honors him in word and deed.
  • A family who has been homeschooling for at least three years.
  • A family committed to serving and encouraging others and reaching out beyond their own home, sharing their God-given gifts and talents.
  • A family who takes initiative when they see a need and willingly helps, while also able to delegate and say "no" when necessary.
  • A family who actively participates in CHESS activities and interacts with other homeschooling families on a regular basis.
  • A family with some "margin" in their lives, not OVERLY committed to homeschooling, church, or other activities.
  • A family with a vision for what can happen when God's people work together; able to see the "big picture" of how all the individual families can fit together as each contributes their own gifts and talents, helping one another and bringing glory to Him.
**We're also looking for BALANCE within the team:  families from a variety of different churches, with children of different ages, living in different geographic locations, etc., so as to be a good representation of the many families who make up CHESS.