Playtime in the Park

Join our weekly meet-ups with CHESS families at local parks around the greater Lansing area (and beyond)! These playdates serve as a great opportunity to stay connected to homeschool friends throughout the summer as well as provide an opportunity to make new friends before the next school year begins. Scheduled on Wednesdays from June-August, it’s easy to plug into your schedule to explore a new park every week, join the group at your hometown park, or explore a new one!


Here’s a list of parks that we meet at:

  • Rayner Park
  • Valley Farms Park
  • Grand Woods Park
  • Valhalla Park
  • Sharp Park
  • Granger Meadows Park
  • Delta Mills Park

Please view our calendar events to see when/where we are meeting for playtime in the park (viewable by CHESS members only).