Science Fair

Preschool through 12th grade homeschool students in mid-Michigan are invited to participate in this event scheduled for early spring. Projects can be presented by individuals or teams. Students participate at three levels: non-competitive through 3rd grade, optional judging for grades 4-8, and judging of all 9th-12th grade projects. Students should use the scientific method to perform scientific investigations and display the results of their projects.



*To see the consistency and detail of God’s creation through the study of science, applying scriptural lessons, truths, and principles to science topics. 

*To learn from one another as students share what they have been learning in their science studies this year.

 *To provide more learning than a normal science curriculum can offer: variety, hands-on experiences, thinking and reasoning, application and enjoyment.

 *To teach the scientific method.

 *To integrate all the academics: reading, writing, logical thinking, spiritual application, math, art, typing, oral presentations, time management, etc.— all within the context of a science project.

 *To sharpen student’s presentation experience they will be asked to stand by/near their project for at least part of the time to explain it and answer questions about it from spectators/judges.


Participation Certificates will be given to all participants and the top three judged projects at each level will receive a certificate and an award. Watch the classifieds and CHESS Facebook group for more details.


If you are interested in signing up to participate in this event, please contact Amy Finkenbinder.