Homeschool Co-op

Who we are

Co-op Information 

Our desire is that classes at Compass will honor God and be a blessing to homeschooling families.  We want to be a place of nurturing support and love, while also helping children to develop good habits and virtues.   

  • We are a Christian co-op with a missions focus and require everyone to agree with our statement of faith.  

  • All of our class offerings will be from a biblical worldview when applicable..   

  • Families must have at least one child in Kindergarten thru high school to be eligible to attend Compass (nursery and prek are available for younger siblings only).

  • We are NOT a drop off or a la carte co-op.

  • We don't keep grades or maintain student transcripts.



  • As a Co-op, we rely 100% on every parent to help so it requires extensive parental involvement.   We have spots/positions we will be assigning you to. 

  • We do not allow families to only attend 1 or 2 classes and then leave, they must attend the full session (whether it is full day or half day) including assembly and chapel.  *Exceptions may be made for high school students.   

  • A parent/guardian must stay on-site with their child/children. 

  • Once you pay the registration fee, you made a commitment to teach, help, clean, and/or other roles throughout the semester.   

  • Lack of commitment results in a heavier workload and possible burden for others.  


Where and When we meet 

  • We currently meet at First Christian Church. 

  • We meet on Mondays, August – May from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Families have 2 session options to choose from. 

    • Full Day – Goes from 9:30-2:30 and includes

      • Academic classes in the morning for all ages

      • Elective classes in the afternoon for all ages. 

      • Core classes in the afternoon for highschool.

    • Half Day – Goes from 11:55 – 2:30 and includes

      • Elective classes in the afternoon for all ages. 

      • Core classes in the afternoon for highschool.

      • On ALL Compass lunch days, half day families will need to be there at 11:20. 


Board of Directors/Leadership Team  

The Leadership Team and board members are a group of likeminded homeschooling parents who are responsible for organizing Compass Homeschool Co-op, as well as making decisions that pertain to Compass.

  • Compass is a 501c3 organization with no voting members.   

  • The governing body of Compass is the board of directors.  They oversee the overall mission, policy, legal items, and accountability of Compass.   

  • The Leadership Team is the group of individuals who are responsible for all day-to-day decisions, procedures, and operations.   

  • Both the board and the Leadership team are all volunteering their time, like everyone else, so they are not paid.   

  • The Board and Leadership Team is self-perpetuating, meaning the BOD/leaders serve until they step down and the existing directors/team determines the replacement for the BOD/leaders.