Homeschool Co-op

Our Programs


Compass offers both academic and elective classes for families with children in Kindergarten or older.  Our classes are taught by the parents.

 You can choose to attend full day (both morning and afternoon) or half day (afternoon only), with all families coming together for lunch, chapel, and recess.  

Because the academic classes run the full year,  a full year commitment is highly recommended in order to have continuity in the classes.

Throughout each semester we offer MOMS Times, mom's nights out, field trips, holiday parties, service projects, and more!  At the end of the year we host a Showcase Night, which will include a kinder graduation, as well as our end of year Splash Day! 

Full Day

Our Full Day program runs from 9:30 am - 2:30 pm.  This includes morning assembly, academic classes in the morning, lunch/recess, chapel,and two elective classes in the afternoon (academic classes for highschool) 

MOMS time, socials, and service projects will be held during chapel/recess time throughout the year.  

Half Day

Our Half Day program is for those who only wish to participate in the afternoon.  Half day programs consists of chapel and two classes. 

While lunch/recess is not included in this time, it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED as a way of connecting with other families and starts at 11:20 am. **Half day families are required to attend lunch/recess when we have ALL COMPASS LUNCH DAYS.

Social Membership

This program is only offered to existing members who may no longer be able to attend full or half day, but would like to stay informed of our socials.  This will allow families to participate in MOMS Time, socials, field trips, service projects, Showcase Night, and Splash Day without the semester commitment. **only availabe upon request**

Not sure where to start?

We know that each family is different, and our level of involvement varies as well!  We completely understand that adding a commitment like this can be daunting.  If you want to join, but are unsure how involved you can be , we ask that you start out as half day.  This allows you to get a feel for our co-op for a semester to see if we are a good fit for your family and your time.