Homeschool Co-op

Our Classes

Classes offered at Compass are taught by the parents.  As a co-op, we rely on each parent to teach and help out to ensure that the classes run smoothly and that our children are being engaged in a fun learning atmosphere!

Because many of our classes fill up quickly, we register on a first come, first serve basis, with teacher's children having first priority.  Once teachers' children are placed, returning members will be able to register for classes, followed by new members.  

*If you know in advance that you will be absent three or more times in a semester, please refrain from joining until your family is able to more fully commit!

Academic/Core Classes

Our academic classes (also known as our "core classes") are offered in the morning for Pre-K through high school and in the afternoon for highschool.

Compass uses My Father's World curriculum for the majority of our core classes for 8th grade and under and follows along with the Teacher's Manual for the whole school year. This gives your child a unique opportunity to do some of their weekly lessons in a classroom setting, which in turn lightens the load at home. No homework is assigned for the younger classes. A syllabus will be handed out or posted so that you are able to follow along and know what has been taught from the Teacher's Manual each week.

Those not using My Father's World at home may still choose to participate in these classes as a way of supplementing their child's learning.

Please click here to see more info about MFW.

Elective Classes

Our elective classes are offered in the afternoon for Pre-K through highschool and will vary each semester. The classes taught are largely dependent on what YOU, the parent, want to teach! Some classes that have been offered in the past are: Legos, Sew Fun, Detective Science, Painting With A Twist, Minecraft, and Science Fair. There are many different options for your child to choose from each semester, and we can't wait for you to see the new classes that have been proposed!

** Your child MUST be in the same grade level at Compass as he/she is at home (I.E. you may only sign a four-year-old up for Kindergarten IF that is the curriculum they are using at home).

**Teachers have the ability to move a child from their class if they do not feel that he/she is ready. A meeting with the parent and someone from the Leadership Team will occur before this takes place.

To see our current classes, please go to class registration.