Homeschool Co-op

6 Steps of Admission

Our admissions process is designed to help you ascertain if Compass would be a good fit for your family's needs and goals.

  1. Look over our website to see what Compass is about.  Prayerfully consider Compass as a fit for your family. Consider your family's needs and goals and whether Compass could help you meet them. 

  2. Be willing to meet the eligibility requirements as described here:

    1. Must be homeschooling by the time Compass starts.

    2. Must have a student in Kindergarten or higher (must be 5 by Compass cut off date by October 15)

    3. Must be willing to fill out a background check and pass it.

    4. Must agree with, sign, and uphold the statement of belief (found below)

    5. Must agree to add their talents, gifts, and expertise to the co-op by fulfilling the parent/guardian responsibilities given by Compass. (Some of these are outlined in the parent contract and handbook found below)

    6. The family/child must agree to attending either the full day session or the afternoon only session and all classes associated with the session they chose, including chapel and assembly. (We are not an a la carte program.)

    7. A parent/guardian must agree to be on-site with their child/children. (We are not a drop off program.)

    8. Must agree to pay the required dues each semester.

    9. The family must read the parent/student handbook and willingly submit to all policies/rules included in the handbook. (found below)

    10. Must agree to sign all required forms for that semester.

    11. Must agree to interview with the leadership team or board member. All family members who want to attend on Mondays must be present. 

  3. Look over the calender and schedule and make sure that you and your family are able to fully commit to Compass.  Our success is VITAL to each family being fully committed.  If you know in advance that you will be missing 3 or more co-op days, then we recommend that you hold off on registering your family this semester.

  4. Fill out the member application to be put on the waitlist.  The member application can be found under the "Join" link at the top or click HERE. **Filling out the application does not guarantee availability or acceptance to Compass.  Everyone is put on a waitlist**

  5. Attend an interview!  Interviews will only be given to those who have an application on file.  They are REQUIRED for all families BEFORE you can be accepted to Compass.  **Attending an interview does NOT guarantee availability or acceptance to Compass.**

  6. Wait to see if a spot opens up.  Our current members register first.  After they register, we will see how many spots we have available for the new semester.  

If a spot opens for your family (we must have room at Compass for EVERY member of your family that will be attending on Monday so please make they are included on the application), Compass will contact you through email AND text.  

  • Offering to teach a class may give your family higher priority if we are in need of a teacher at that time
  • If you do not respond in the time specified in the email/text (a minimum of 24 hours), you will lose your spot on the waiting list and Compass will move to the next family.   

Once all the spots are filled, we will close registration and send emails to those that didn't get in letting them know their status. Those families will remain on the waitlist for the future until either  

  • a spot opens up  
  • you contact us saying you want off, or  
  • you are contacted by Compass with an available spot but you do not respond.