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Andrea Briggs

I fell in love with math and science in college. I majored in Liberal Arts and was able to read the original works of many mathematicians and scientists. This changed the way I look at the world, especially math and science. I believe that in this life we will never know the full truth of how the world really works, but I also believe that God wants us to explore and study and wonder at the world around us, learning as much as we can. I believe that math is the language of God; science is the way we explore His world and come to know Him better. I hope to inspire a love of discovery within my students that will help them in their journey as life-long learners. I love learning and teaching and I am grateful for the opportunity to do both every day. I regularly teach piano lessons, scholar classes, children’s classes, and my own children and enjoy the unique challenges of each teaching environment. I look forward to our mutual discoveries and the things we will accomplish together this year through hard work and engagement with great minds and great thoughts.

Current Classes Instructed by Andrea Briggs
Math Projects (open)
Schole - Block 3 - Fall (open)
Schole - Block 4 - Fall (Cancelled)
Logic and Reasoning (Cancelled)
Schole - Block 3 - Spring (open)
Schole - Block 4 - Spring (Cancelled)