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Gesse Rosa

About Me - Gesse Rosa

My Education

Brigham Young University:   BS Chemical Engineering (2000)
University of Utah:   BS Chemistry (2005)
University of Utah:    BS Physics (2009)
Native Portuguese speaker

Why I Teach

I absolutely love education and teaching. I would happily teach it for free if it were possible. I believe that youth are far more capable  than the way they are treated, yet I never push them faster than they are ready. I want to make sure that they love what they are learning so I customize lessons to work at each individual's pace.

My Way

  • I customize and personalize education to each student. I am not trying to hit a scholastic timeline (i.e. Sep-May) but I allow your student to achieve only what he or she is ready and willing to accomplish.

  • I drastically reduce the time used to teach the subject compared to traditional educational institutions.

  • Not only does the student learn far more quickly but we explore the subject at a far deeper and more complex level than they could get otherwise. Students using my method truly understand the subject instead of  just memorizing the material. The student retains this understanding for college and the future.

  • Every student working with me will be fully prepared for the science and math portions of the ACT/SAT and will be at least at a first year college level. I believe this can be accomplished in the early teenage years.

Current Classes Instructed by Gesse Rosa
Algebra 1 (Cancelled)
Pre-Algebra (Cancelled)