SVLA is a community of homeschooling families in the Salt Lake Valley who come together for shared educational experiences based on the Leadership Education Model and principles found in A Thomas Jefferson Education, written by Oliver Demille.

Classes at  SVLA are offered by parents, community members and other mentors who desire to provide a quality experience that will assist youth in gaining vision, skills, and abilities specific to their phase of learning and inspire them in their personal life mission. Mentors act as individual contractors, owning and running their individual class offerings.

The SVLA community honors each individual as the steward of his/her own education and seeks to support, not replace, the family as the center of learning.


Our mission is to grow leaders who: love learning and pay the price of greatness; embody a moral foundation of truth, virtue, compassion, liberty, and courage; and positively impact the world for good.


The leadership education principles outlined in the book, “A Thomas Jefferson Education” by Oliver Demille are the guiding principles behind SVLA Commonwealth. Thomas Jefferson Education is an education philosophy that builds leaders. TJED is not really a method, in and of itself. One can use almost any educational method and still apply the principles of TJED, which are grounded in the Phases of Learning and the 7 Keys of Great Teaching. Standards of excellence, quality, responsibility and hard work will be taught and upheld within the Scholar School and community.