We are excited about our membership! 

From the beginning of FICHE, we have gathered to provide social and learning opportunities for homeschooling families as well as offering friendship, connection, support and assistance to one another.

FICHE is a place where you can belong and be known. We encourage you to spend some time with us and see for yourself! Membership requires parental involvement in planning and implementing coop classes and other activities.

FICHE Kids!Parent attendance and participation is required during coop class times. Members are asked to join a teaching team for coop class days to assist hired tutors and one another.

Parents receive a one hour, on-site break during coop class time.  FICHE provides this opportunity for parents to relax and connect with other parents.

Children may not attend coop classes without their parent/s being present in the facility.

Parents work in teams to organize, structure and implement the curriculum that has been decided upon by the coop. For example: What tutors/subject areas to hire, snack time, gym time, etc. Children are divided into age-appropriate groups.

FICHE desires to build community at our coop time and outside of classes. We have a sense of belonging due to the people in our group as well as the fact that parents are in groups to facilitate the children. This provides FICHE with the opportunity to build relationships with other parents and students.

Hired Tutors: 
Parents assist paid tutor during class time adhering to tutor’s guidelines and direct students in the same way as the tutor to decrease confusion.

Members are required to attend the three-yearly business meetings to help plan and have fun! Roles and

Members serve the group through special events and tasks. For example:
• Participate in a group that plans a party or Mom’s Night Out; 
• Orchestrate a meal to a coop family in need due to illness, birth, death or move; 
• Store and bring gym equipment to coop class times; 
• Greet members as entering building on coop days, etc.

Returning FICHE members may request Fieldtrip Only Membership status on a year-to-year basis, to be approved by the Board. Members must complete a membership registration form and will pay a yearly registration fee.