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Before requesting to join Promise Homeschool Group, please review our statement of faith, and co-op policies. These materials can also be found on the homepage for this group under the Welcome header. Once your membership request has been approved, you will be asked to complete the join process and you will be prompted to provide an electronic signature on the policies before your registration is completed. We also encourage you to visit the FAQs link on the homepage.

By reqesting to join you are agreeing to the following:
-You have at least one student K-12 who is homeschooling, has an NOI (not applicable to Kindergarten).

-You understand that Promise Homeschool Group is a parent led organization. All positions are voluntary and in order to function well all members must participate. You are willing to serve the community in multiple volunteer positions (teach a class, assist in a class, recess monitor, weekly cleaning group).

-Promise Homeschool Group is an educational enrichment group. By joining you understand that we cannot guarantee or certify academic credits.

-The statement of faith is a definition of  the co-op's foundation, as set over 20 years ago. We do not require members to hold the same beliefs. However, by requesting to join Promise Homeschool Group you understand that this is our foundation; and you, and your participating family members, will hold these beliefs with respect.

By requesting to join Promise Homeschool Group, you are acknowledging that you have read these policies and will adhere to them.

You will be required to have on file a signed agreements for each participating session. These agreements will cover the acknowledgement of the Statement of Faith, Group Policies, and Medical Waiver. The Statement of Faith and Group Policies are available online and you will be prompted for an electronic signature. The medical waiver requires an in person signature and that document will be provided on the first day.

Theres is a $10 application fee to apply for membership. This is non-refundable, it is payable through Paypal (do not pay [email protected] This site is set up with our correct paypal account). If you do not use paypal please email us at [email protected] to discuss arrangements. It will be applied to your regsitration fee for your first semester with Promise Homeschool Group The registration fee for participation is $75 per family per 12 week semester (two 12 week semesters per school year; Fall & Spring). The registration fee is not due at the time of sign up. Once classes have been finalized and posted, Promise Homeschool Group will send an invoice for the required registration fees. This amount will be due by the first day of co-op, unless a payment schedule has been arranged ($25 due first day, $25 due week 4, and $25 due week 8).

If you do not participate in a semester or do not participate in planning for the semester you show interest in attending, your account will be deactived. However, you may be reactivated at any time you wish to participate.

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