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Homeschool Co-ops in Waco

The following co-ops can help you customize your child’s education, but are not sponsored by GWCHE. 

Brazos Valley Co-op

A Christian organization that meets each Friday, September thru April, and offers affordable academic and enrichment classes for homeschoolers K – 12 such as art, PE, the sciences, theater, choir, writing, guitar, ukulele, dance, Legos, Magic School Bus science, Dr. Seuss, Shakespeare, computer science, Shark Tank, and much, much more! BVC is unique in that you may leave your child at co-op during the day and enjoy some time on your own.  We have an 23 year tradition of excellence in walking alongside local homeschoolers. Email [email protected] with questions. https://www.brazosvalleyco-op.com/

Classical Conversations offers three academic programs:

Foundations (K4-6th) offers one morning a week practicing memory work in 7 subject areas, doing science and fine arts projects, and presenting to classmates. This year’s history memory work will cover medieval to new-world history. Parents attend.

Essentials (4th-6th) offers an afternoon of engaging English grammar studies, writing lessons using IEW, and mental math games and drills. Parents attend.

Challenges A, B, I, II, III, and IV (7th and up) utilize academically challenging books and assignments to lead students through a classical Christian education. Each program includes up to twelve students with a tutor who leads students in one full day a week of conversations, presentations, debates, science labs, problem solving, and essay writing using The Lost Tools of Writing. Six subject areas are covered in each program as students hone their dialectic and rhetorical skills with a goal to become mature Christian leaders. Parents may drop off.

Waco West Campus (Monday)

Availability in Foundations, Essentials, Challenge A (at least 12 years old by October), and Challenge B. Contact Reem Hoff for Foundations and Essentials at [email protected], Lin Carter for Challenge A at [email protected], and Emily Lacasse for Challenge B at [email protected].

Waco Northwest Campus (Tuesday)

Availability in Foundations and Essentials. Contact Elisabeth Gouldman at [email protected].

Waco Central (Monday)

Becky Trimble, Director. Limited availability in F and E, contact Becky at [email protected]; Availability in following Challenge programs: Ch B (at least 13 years old), contact Tressa Strickland at [email protected]; Ch I (at least 14 yrs old), contact Isma Fourie at [email protected]; Ch II (at least 15 yrs old), contact Maria Taylor at [email protected]; Ch III and Ch IV (at least 16 yrs old), contact Beth Porter at [email protected] and Susannah Salmans at [email protected], respectively. 

F3 Co-op (Faith, Family and Friends)

F3 is a homeschool co-op bringing families together with a common goal of educating their children through fellowship and a Christian perspective.  Parents remain on site and assist in all 3 period classes.  Teachers volunteer.  Building use fee, supply fees and textbook materials are the only costs.  Registration closes September 1 of each school year. For more info, please check out the website F3waco.com or contact Shay Arnold, [email protected], Amanda Grisham or Priscilla Martinez. https://f3waco.net/

One Day Academy (Waco)

One Day Academy is a high quality academic resource for Christian home school families. We are committed to providing excellent, degreed teachers and high-quality curriculum to students in a Christian setting with the convenience of our one-day-per week class structure for a fraction of the cost of private school.  If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Gonzalez at [email protected] or (254) 426-6280.
For more information on One Day Academy and a complete list of class offerings 
please visit www.onedayacademy.com/waco-temple.

MC2 Co-op in Elm Mott, TX

The MC2 (Elm Mott) Co-op's main focus is on science. They serve all ages and have between 65-85 kids each semester. MC2 meets at the Elm Mott Church of Christ on Fridays, 9-12. Parents are required to stay and participate every Friday. 

 Contact:  Vanessa Howard [email protected]

Way of Wisdom 

Our website is www.wayofwisdomhsa.com. We provide classes that people can do individually as needed for all subjects and we operate a pod school. We also have manipulative, boardgames, and lots of books and free curriculums for families who need it. We also provide curriculum help and placement testing. We also have the Kingdom Builders  Group with fun Fridays open to any homeschoolers. Contact them through their website or Facebook page. https://www.wayofwisdomhsa.com/    https://www.facebook.com/kingdombuilderscoop/

Alpha & Omega Co-op 

We are a group of Christian homeschooling families in the Waco area, joining together to encourage, enrich and educate our children together through weekly parent lead cooperative classes. We will have 14-week semesters. Thursdays. Contact them through their website. https://alphaomegahsc.weebly.com/

Other Home School Resources in Waco

Waco Homeschool Chess Club

The Waco Homeschool Chess Club is a place for homeschooled students in the Waco area to come together and enjoy the world’s greatest game. We have players of all skill levels and ages, from beginners to tournament players. We are currently meeting online on chess.com on Thursday nights. Contact Dan & Deborah Shafer for more details: [email protected]

Trail Life

Meets at Victorious Life Church in Waco.  Trail Life USA is a Church-Based, Christ-Centered, Boy-Focused mentoring and discipleship journey that speaks to the heart of a boy.   https://www.facebook.com/Trail-Life-Waco-Troop-4123-1981968835227341/

American Heritage Girls

Meets at Victorious Life Church in Waco.  American Heritage Girls is a Christ-centered character and leadership development program for girls 5 to 18 years of age.   https://americanheritagegirls.org/find-a-troop/

Youth Sports

Texas Wind Athletics

Texas Wind offers sports to home school families in the Greater Waco area.  If you are 11 years old or older on 9/1, competitive sports are available.  We currently offer JH boys football, basketball, and track.  JH girls volleyball, basketball and track.  HS Boys football, basketball, track, & baseball.  HS Girls Volleyball, basketball, track & softball.  If you’d like to find out more about Texas Wind, please visit www.txwindathletics.net.

Community Sports Programs:

Woodway Family Center

 110 Estates Drive, Woodway, 772-7491,
youth flag football, volleyball, soccer, basketball and baseball leagues.
www.woodway-texas.com, click Woodway Family Center.

YMCA youth sports


Heart of Texas (HOT) Soccer


HEAT Swim team