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Mayborn Museum To Publications / Articles

Posted 8/6/20

The Mayborn Museum a natural science and cultural history museum that also boasts a beautiful historic village on the banks of the Brazos! We are excited to connect with you both in person, AND in our new Mayborn Connect programs. Guests are invited to visit the Mayborn in person to meet Stan in our new T-Rex display. With a length of over 38 feet, and the most pristine T-Rex skull ever discovered, Stan will make an excellent guard dinosaur for the Mayborn!

Home educators, teachers, and scout groups looking for a safe, affordable, and easy way to connect learners to the Mayborn’s unique collection and programs will LOVE Mayborn Connect! This flexible new program offers learners an easy way to investigate REAL artifacts, REAL education, and REAL fun.

The Mayborn will meet you on whichever virtual platform you prefer to share a live presentation led by the Mayborn’s knowledgeable team! With a dozen topics to choose from, you are sure to enjoy your interactive session packed with specimens, direct access to museum staff, live Q&A sessions, and an opportunity for your group to show off their own cool things!