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Collective Membership

Richmond Homeschool Collective is a dynamically governed homeschool collective, and decisions are based on consent. 

All member families are expected to:

  • contribute financially to support the collective (ie., facility fee);

  • All members are responsible for the direction and administration of the group, and must be willing to volunteer their time as able; including but not limited to the daily upkeep of the rental space, monitoring building safety, attending meetings, volunteering on committees, and any other task needed by the collective.

  • be accountable for the safety of their children and considerate of other member families in our community, assisting all children to maintain acceptable behavior standards for our mutually considerate community while participating in Richmond Homeschool Collectives activities; and

  • utilize respectful communication and conflict resolution strategies whenever possible.

  • Use correct names and pronouns consistently for all members. Research shows the psychological importance of affirming and welcoming language which includes the correct and use of pronouns with which young people identify.

  • Be fully vaccinated again Covid-19 and wear a mask when in the building.

Financial Policy

Classes are offered as a fee for service. Class costs are paid directly to the teacher via their choice of payment option.

Please note facilitators are NOT employees of RHC, but are independent. All courses require advanced payment and registrations will not be considered complete until payment is made. 

RHC membership dues are separate from class costs and must be paid before the beginning of each semester.
There will be NO REFUNDS issued for missed classes due to illness, schedule changes, or other reasons.

ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL unless a class is canceled by the facilitator or arrangements have been direct with the facilitator.

Supervision Policy

Richmond Homeschool Collective is NOT a drop-off program and does not provide child care. The expectation is that each student will have a parent/guardian on-site throughout the day with the following exceptions:

1.    If your student is 13+ years old,

AND you and your student feel strongly that they will be able to adhere to our behavior policy,

AND your student can navigate the environment independently without additional support,

AND we have an emergency contact number on file for you,

AND you accept responsibility for your student while you are not present

2.    If your student is 12 years old or younger, if you need to leave the premises at any point, you MUST assign another adult as proxy to supervise your student (this adult cannot be the student’s teacher). This information must be noted on the sign-in sheet for the day.

Behavior Guidelines

Richmond Homeschool Collective is a mutually considerate community;  the needs of all people, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability are equally respected and valued. Please be aware of how your actions affect those around you. It is important to be mindful that each family’s view of offense is subjective. RHC strives to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and safe atmosphere for all families. 

Updated 2/13/2022

Consent and Respect for others

We honor each person's personal and physical boundaries, 

We use respectful, welcoming, and inclusive language; 

We use correct names and pronouns consistently;

We avoid bullying or any discriminatory,  unkind language or behavior; 

Class and Building Behavior

*We mask indoors and follow health & safety guidelines as outlined in our COVID policy;

We  acknowledge and are receptive to teachers' instructions;

We use headphones if we choose to play something with sound so that it does not disturb others;

We speak and walk quietly in the hallways so that we do not disturb ongoing classes;

We avoid congregating in the hallways so that we do not disturb ongoing classes;

We move carefully through the building to keep our community safe;

We avoid running in the building in order to avoid injuries;

Respect for property 

We avoid using others’ belongings without consent;

We return borrowed items to their owners in their original state;

We collect our belongings, throw away our trash, and put things back in their place before leaving

We avoid using property in ways that could damage or cause harm to ourselves, others, or our environment