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Welcome to the LEARN Home Education Network! 

We are a secular homeschool community that offers resources, educational cooperatives, and support to homeschooling families in the Kansas City Metro area of Kansas and Missouri.

LEARN members can enjoy weekly co-op classes in the fall and spring through SCENE and SCENE West, classes and field trips offered in trimesters through CIRCLE, teen activities, a double digit group, community activities and parties, recognition ceremonies, graduation, and more. 

To read more about the LEARN community, please visit our website: http://kclearn.org/ and/or stop by our Facebook Page!

Thinking about applying to join LEARN? Read on!

Membership Details

LEARN’s membership year runs July 1 – June 30. Please note that submission of a membership application does not guarantee acceptance. We review each application and may in addition request an interview with an applicant family.

LEARN has three membership “tiers”:

  • Tier 1 is our Social Activities Membership. This membership allows families to attend all social activities, including Teen Meetups, Dances, Double Digits, and any other paid social activity sponsored by LEARN. Tier 1 membership is $30 per family (prorated on January 25th to $15).
  • Tier 2 is our Class Coop Membership. This membership INCLUDES access to all events included in the Social Activities Membership, and ALSO includes access to our two class coops - SCENE and CIRCLE. Tier 2 membership is $50 per family (prorated on January 25th to $25)
  • Tier 3 is for our Recent LEARN alumni (families whose children have all graduated). This membership allows for participation in social events and activities for graduates up through age 19. Tier 3 membership is $15 per family.
    • Beyond age 19, alumni are free, but their participation is generally limited to our annual picnic.
    • If a LEARN alumnus would like to participate in LEARN with their own homeschooling children, they will need to join as an active member and pay the accompanying membership fee. 

Membership in any tier covers one family. The definition of a family for the purposes of a membership with LEARN is no more than two adults, and their dependent pre-school/school-aged children, who are permanently residing together as a single family/financial household unit within a residence that is their principal home.

Mission Statement  LEARN provides respectful and inclusive secular (non-religious) support, activities, and resources for homeschooling families in the Greater Kansas City region. 

Behavior Policy

All LEARN participants, youth and adults, are expected to conduct themselves with respect, self-control, responsibility & accountability to themselves, others, and any facility or online space we are using. In order to foster community and trust and to maintain privacy, if you have a personal concern or issue please speak directly to the other person(s) involved and limit the discussion to only those persons. If that does not resolve your concerns, please email [email protected] to set up a time to speak with Board members. The Board reserves the right to address behaviors not mentioned below on a case by case need. However, the following behaviors specifically are not acceptable:

  • Violence or aggression, either physical or verbal

  • Bullying, including cyber bullying (threatening or attempting to cause or actually causing hurt or harm to another person or group of people in a repeated or severe manner)

  • Discrimination (see policy)

  • Behavior that disrupts an organized activity ( Including social media)

  • Behavior that disrupts the operations of the organization or otherwise harms the organization

  • Damage to property or facilities caused intentionally or by gross negligence**

It is imperative that all LEARN participants, adult and youth, understand and comply with the above expectations: Parents, please discuss with and make sure that your children understand these expectations. If the above policy is not followed, we have the following suggestions and procedures in place: 

  1. For infractions of the specific behaviors listed above, individuals are typically expected to address the infraction, in a respectful and discreet way, with the other party, who is expected to respond respectfully and change the behavior. If a child is involved, speak with the parent first. It may be appropriate for adults supervising a child to address the child first, but every effort should be made to inform the parent if the behavior was ongoing or egregious.

  2. **Damage to property or facilities caused intentionally or by gross negligence will be assessed, and the individual responsible will be required to make amends. The cost of damage will be borne by the individuals/individuals' families who created the damage.**

  3. In certain circumstances, the board reserves the right to request that a family withdraw their child or entire family from activities for a period of time if the child or family cannot follow the guidelines for behavior at LEARN. Terms for return to activities will be decided on a case by case basis.

  4. Mediation may be available at the Board’s discretion.

Nondiscrimination Policy LEARN does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, irreligion/religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, marital status, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, selection of volunteers and vendors and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all participants in LEARN.

Communications Policy 

By registering as a LEARN member, and/or participating in LEARN/CIRCLE activities, you acknowledge that your name and email address are viewable by other members. Participating families or LEARN volunteers may take photographs/videos/interviews of students and families at organizational functions for use in yearbooks, newsletters, websites, social media, etc. Contact and other relevant information may be shared with instructors or coordinators for the activities in which you participate, and photographs/names may be included in group emails/publications/social media. LEARN does not share/sell contact information with third parties outside of what is stated here. LEARN Members are not to share other member information with outside parties without the explicit consent of said member. Additionally, members may not use the LEARN groups and directories for private or commercial purposes without the express consent of the involved members.

For questions or concerns related to LEARN, LEARN activities, CIRCLE or SCENE classes please email [email protected].

Document review required before proceeding!

Before selecting your membership tier and proceeding to set up your account, we ask that you open and review the following documents at this time.

  1. LEARN Policy Guide
  2. 2022-23 LEARN Membership Participation Policy
  3. 2022-23 LEARN Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability
  4. 2022-23 LEARN Personal Responsibility Agreement
  5. 2022-23 LEARN Illness Policy

**Tip for setting up your profile: When adding children to your profile, you will also want to add any ADULTS as CHILDREN IF you want to be able to sign up for adult classes. This is a work-around we have come up with due to some limitations in Homeschool Life. **


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