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What are the fees that I will be responsible for?


Each grade has a curriculum fee, yearly, at the beginning of the year. This is a non-refundable fee. You can find the fees when you click on "Class Registration" from the home page. 

There is a once a year nonrefundable registration fee, per family, $125. In order to hold your spot in the co-op, you will need to pay the registration fee, $8.50 website fee and 25% percent of your students curriculum fees. 

Tuition is $1700 for the first student in the family, and $1000 for each additional sibling. These payments are due monthly, $170 and $100 a month, for 10 months. You also have the options to pay upfront. Tuition is due August 1st through May 1st

We have an all day Thurday option, that will give students a chance to work on their homework, as well as sign up for extracurricular classes. Some classes are included in the fee, and some are an extra cost. The whole day option is $60 a month per student, and the class fees will be determined. Thursday's are not currently offered for our Lakeland campus.

Lunch is $3.50 per lunch ordered.  
*Lunch must be provided by the parents daily for the Lakeland campus.

There will be field trips throughout the year, and additional fees will be the responsiblity of each family, if you desire to go.


We do have fund raising opportunities throughout the school year, and some of those can be applied to some of these fees


What payment methods are available?


You can pay through Venmo to @Rae-Crawford, through Cashapp to $RaeCrawford, or by check, payable to Branch Christian Academy and mailed to 410 Pinewood Ave, Kannapolis, NC 28081. Once school begins, tuition can be paid by cash or check at the school.

Everyday Living


What does the daily schedule look like?


Each day, we start with worship. This will last for approximately 30 minutes. After worship, students will go to their homeroom classrooms. The preschool schedule is different than the other grades, in that they have shorter periods of play, crafts, snacks, etc.

Kindergarten through 4th grade stays on the same schedule with each other, so that students can move up or down as needed, (ex: every class has math at 9 am, etc.).

From 7th grade and up, students rotate between classes/teachers. We have math teachers, English teachers, etc. The classes for this age group will be about 50-55 minutes per day. Students are given the opportunity to have a snack at 10 am. The older grades work through this snack time and do not take a break.

Lunch will be staggered with different start and end times, followed by recess. There are 3 classes before lunch and 1 after. School hours are 8:30-2:05. Drop off is 8:00 - 8:20 and pick up ends promptly at 2:20.  We offer after school care, also. 


As a parent, what will my week look like?


Branch is a drop off program. You will have to pick a job to complete for the year, and during registration, you can pick the one that best fits your family. You may work at the school, and we do need more teachers! This is not a requirement. On Monday through Wednesday, we will teach the kids and give assignments for Thursday and Friday. Those are required and need to be turned in on Monday.  You will have to help your child complete these, you are the teacher on Thursday and Friday, but they should have what they need to complete the work. Most of the high school teachers also provide lots of notes to help the student on those days. They can sign up for Thursday classes and there will be homework opportunities on that day!


Homeschooling 101


Starting your homeschooling adventure can be exhilarating, freeing, and terrifying all at the same time! Suddenly you are completely responsible to be sure that all of your child's educational needs are being met. While this might seem an overwhelming task, it is not as complicated as it sounds! When beginning, here are some good starting points. 


Each year, at Branch, we offer year-end testing, paid for by the parents. We use the CAT test, which is usually $25 per year. We use the untimed, paper test. You can use the online version if you send in a laptop. The testing day will usually happen in April. You can find information about more testing options here.


What about drivers ed? Your student can sign up through the pubic high school that your child would be assigned to. It will be around $65 per student. Just contact your high school for more information. You can also opt for private lessons, which takes a lot less time, but is much more expensive. You will need to order a driving certificate through the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education. You will need to sign in to your homeschool account to order the certificate here. Once your child has completed the driving portion of drivers ed, they will need to give this certificate to the instructor for them to sign. They will need this to apply for the driver's permit at the DMV. 


What options are there for sports? For younger students, you can play for the YMCA, different city leagues, church leagues, and more. For middle and high school students, there are several options. Several private schools allow home school students to play on their teams. Covenant Classical is one of those schools, but there may be more! You just need to call around. There are home school leagues in our area, also. This page has listings for many different leagues. 


Many parents have questions about how to home school through high school. As the home school parent, your journey will look different from others. Some families choose the traditional route of 4 years of high school and then graduation. Some choose to do 2 years of high school followed by 2 years of dual enrollment, or some combination of both. Some students prefer to finish some classes through our co-op, rather than taking them at the college, but take the rest of the classes at the community college. Dual enrollment offers 2 pathways. One offers the opportunity to earn a 2-year degree while still in high school. The other allows your student to earn a certificate in the field of their choice. Both are amazing opportunities, but I personally suggest a career-based path. The main reason for this is because kids of that age frequently change their minds. This path will allow them hands-on experience to decide if this path is right for them or not. In the end, they will have a certificate to go into the workforce, or they can choose to continue on with college. Some of the classes we offer qualify for college credit if you take the CLEP test after finishing the course.

Electives are another credit that many people are confused about. There are many to choose from, between languages, PE, health, and more. Some homeschooling families use everyday experiences that will count towards this credit. For example, cooking recipes together or care of the household chores may be counted as home economics and a credit given by the homeschooling family. But, other families want to be more official in adding those credits, for example, following a curriculum or taking a class. Either way is perfectly acceptable. By offering many choices on Thursdays, you will be able to manage what electives you feel are important in regards to your student. 

In the end, we will provide you with a high school transcript for your child, which you can add to if you need to. 


What is our COVID-19 plan?


We are planning on operating as normal, as far as the calendar and schedule. We will have many things in place, to stay in control of the possible germs within our facility. We will have the students wash their hands upon arrival and throughout the day, practice social distancing as much as possible, and sanitize as much as possible. We will not be using the drinking fountains, so everyone needs to plan ahead with their own water bottle. We will let the students fill them up at the fountain, but just not drink from the fountain. Students CANNOT come to school if they have had fever, cold or flu symptoms, or stomach flu issues within 24 hours. If students are on antibiotics, there needs to have been 24 hours worth of the medicine in their system before coming back. Be safe, stay at home if there is a chance of sickness. 

In the event that we are forced to do at home learning due to to covid, we will continue teaching your students through virtual learning. We are PRAYING that this does not happen. This is a year long commitment to paying tuition, so you will need to continue to pay through this time. 


Do you offer before or after school care?


North Carolina Campuses:

Students may arrive at 8:00 am for the regular school day. We will open at 7:00am, only if you notify us that you need before school care. Pickup ends at 2:20. If you need care after this time, we will be available until 5:00pm. Before and after school care needs to be arranged 1 week in advance, and is $5 per hour per student. This needs to be paid, in cash, to the adult in charge of before and after school care. 

Lakeland Campus:

We will not be offering before and after school care at this time. 



What classes are offered?


On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we offer all of the core classes. These include math, science, English, history/social studies. All other classes that we offer will be held on Thursday. Thursdays will have multiple different classes, including PE, languages, arts, music, and clubs. 

Curriculum for 2021-2022 School year



K-4  TBD

5-8 Notgrass America the Beautiful

9-12 Notgrass Exploring America


The Good and the Beautiful


1st-grade Apologia Land Animals

2nd-grade Apologia Swimming Creatures

3rd-grade Apologia Flying Creatures

4th-grade Apologia Astronomy

5th-grade Apologia Botany

6th-grade Apologia Human Anatomy

7th grade Science in the Beginning

8th-grade Apologia General Science

9th-grade Physical Science

10th-12th grade Biology, Advanced Human Anatomy or chemistry


K-2nd grade The Good and the Beautiful

3rd-12th grade Teaching Textbooks We will be doing the textbooks in class. We strongly encourage families to get the monthly, online subscription to assist with the home work days. 

Due to rising curriculum fees, we have had to raise this cost. 

k through 2nd book fee $310

3-12 grade book fee $360, per student


Do I have to volunteer?


As you may have noticed, our fees are radically less than that of a private school. We work on a minimalist budget and use our resources wisely. We utilize each one of our families in this process. We will give you numerous options to volunteer so that you can pick what works best for your family. We do have an opt-out option that will be $100 if you choose that. Several jobs can be done after hours if need be. We will just have to work out the timing of getting into the building. The options will be available upon registration to the site


Can I apply to be a teacher? What about substitutes?


There are times that we are looking to have more teachers for our classrooms, and we have a list of parents who are interested in substituting. For the most part, teachers work to cover their tuition. We do have some positions, sometimes, that are paid. Please contact if you would like to know what openings that we have. 


What is the process for opening an individual homeschool?


Click here to register your homeschool. Click the link to fill out a "Home School Notice of Intent". The process is very simple, and whoever is the head of your homeschool will need to have a high school diploma or higher. Once complete, you will be emailed your homeschool registration card. Keep this handy to unenroll students from public school, get discounts at many stores and to register for different field trips! There are lots of benefits to homeschooling!
Find a list of discounts here

Contact information


How do I contact the classroom teachers?


Teacher contact information can be found here here

School contact information can be found here here

Student conduct


What are the expectation for students?


Our goal for co-op is to have a fun-filled learning experience. We are a close-knit group that does a lot of life together! We will have things that we have to work through together, and we want to honor God in all that we do. We will not tolerate gossiping, bullying, or complaining. We expect this from the parents, also!  We want to teach them about mutual honor and respect. We ask that you, as the parents, help us teach the kids to turn problems over to the Lord first, and then work it through with the person, in love. If this does not work, we ask that you bring the problem to leadership. Remember, we can’t deal with issues that we don’t know about! Help us help you! This is a learning process for all of us, and we appreciate your willingness to walk with us through this. 

We have a zero-tolerance for bullying, name-calling, and physical altercations. We also do not tolerate students disrupting the learning environment. It is possible that you will be called to pick up your student if one of these situations arises. If a student brings or participates in an activity that includes, but not limited to, cigarettes/vaping, alcohol, or drug activity, they will be expelled. These activities are completely unacceptable.