Board of Directors



As a former student of SFEA, Hannah Lysczek (Chair/President and K-2 Coordinator) is honored to be now be serving on its board. Her passion for homeschooling comes from seeing how it worked in her own childhood, and the freedom it offers parents to direct their children’s education. As a board member, she hopes to continue to make SFEA a place where her kids can build friendships with other kids who love Jesus and have fun learning through hands-on experiences. Hannah currently has two young children at home and loves reading, running, motorcycles, costumes, and all creatures great and small.



Alison Amaismeier (Secretary, Registrar, Preschool Coordinator) has discovered that her homeschooled children thrive as they learn in community with their peers. Additionally, she benefits greatly from having a network of moms to lean on for support and friendship as they navigate their homeschooling journey together. Alison decided to join the SFEA board to help bring more structure and coordination to the existing homeschool classes and co-ops that were meeting throughout the week in State College. It has been a blessing to see how this organization has been able to enfold so many families and create enriching educational and social opportunities for our children!



Erin Krol (Treasurer, Webmaster, 3rd-5th and Middle School Coordinator) gained a vision for homeschooling in college after being impressed by her mentor’s kids who were homeschooled. Erin appreciates the opportunity to build a biblical foundation into her kids during their formative years and the freedom to focus on their character development as much as on their academics. She loves having the chance at SFEA for her kids to learn from other teachers and to learn alongside their friends. She loves organization and administration and is excited to use these gifts to serve SFEA families by managing the finances and website.



Belinda Geist (Events Coordinator) was born and raised in Bellefonte and has been married to her husband Rob since 1995. They have 3 sons Cole, Ethan, and Hayden. Belinda has been homeschooling her 3 boys since 2002. They started their journey with Solid Foundations in 2003 and continued until her oldest 2 graduated high school. SFEA was such a blessing and encouragement throughout their years of home education, and Belinda hopes to continue this by serving wherever she is needed and encouraging families to cultivate a rich educational experience along the way.