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Mr. Luke Ellison To All Instructors

As part of a dual degree program, Luke received an Engineering Science and Physics bachelor’s degree from Bethel University and an Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota. Currently, Luke is completing his master's degree in Cross-Cultural ministries as he has had a clear calling to use both his skills and his passion, in the missions field, specifically working with the youth.

For over a decade, Luke worked with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center as a Scientific Programmer where he fully discovered both his gifts and his interest in computer coding, field work/experiments, and applying physics to research. The primary tools/languages used were: Python, Interactive Data Language (IDL), and NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) satellite data. Prior to his work with NASA, he was a Product Engineer for Cessna Aircraft which focused on collaboration/solution initializing between all subgroups, design work, and engineering planes.

Throughout both his work experience and education, Luke found himself working with the youth both through church and through Christian camp. With God’s clear calling, he took a leap of faith, left the field of engineering, and became a Pastor with Calvary Hill Fellowship Church where he focuses on the children’s ministries, discipleship programs, and most importantly, “focusing on the need for identity in the community of God.”

Luke has a long list of experience in various computer languages and applications, including but not limited to: Java, Javascript, IDL, Python, HTML/CSS, MATLAB/Simulink, Solidworks, LabVIEW, CATIA, VBA in Excel, and plenty of shell scripting. Luke’s teaching style has a strong focus on problem solving and apologetics. He recognizes what our youth is up against and wants to help prepare their solid foundation in Christ.


Current Classes
Computer Science (Wed) – Instructor (closed)
Computer Science 1 (Thurs) – Instructor (closed)
Physics w/lab (Mon, Thurs) – Instructor (closed)
Physics w/lab (Mon, Thurs) – Instructor (closed)