Untitled Header Image Our academics are both rigorous and engaging. We offer a full range of Apologetics courses. Students participate in special events, including a high school prom. We are glad you are here!

What are the costs to attend HEARTS?

Once your membership application is approved , you will be need to pay the following fees:
Appplication/website fee, registration, materials fees, and tuition are nonrefundable. However, if the class is canceled, you will  receive a full refund. We hope you understand that the teachers must be considered for both their  class planning and financial planning. HEARTS offers small classes and aims to ensure that all who sign  up intend to use the space. If a last-minute cancellation occurs, both teachers and students are affected. Registration is paid directly to HEARTS; teachers will provide their method of payment for tuition and materials.


Registration Fees
Paid to HEARTS via PayPal on our website or by sending a check (made out to HEARTS for  the Lord) to:  

HEARTS for the Lord 
Attn. Accounting 
P.O. Box 283 
Ashburn, VA 20146 

Registration for each student includes the following:
$25 one-time website member fee for your web account
$80/year administrative fee
$80/year if attending classes on Mondays
$80/year if attending classes on Wednesdays
$80/year if attending classes on Thursdays
For example, if a student attends HEARTS on Mondays and Wednesdays, the registration fee would
consist of:
$80 - Administrative fee
$80 - Monday building fee
+ $80 - Wednesday building fee
$240 total registration fee (for that one student)

Tuition and Materials Fees
Tuition—and materials fees, if applicable—are paid quarterly directly to the teachers via their preferred payment method (Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, or personal check). For each class in which tuition is  paid late, a late fee will be added: $10 per student per week that the payment is late. 

Tuition per class: $100-$150 per 8 weeks (depends on days per week the class is held and lab elements)
Materials fee per class: $10-$40 (with the exception of Biology Lab and Computer Science 2 which are more)
You can see the specific cost of each class by clicking on the course from the course offerings page.

The tuition payment schedule is: 
• All registration fees, 1st quarter tuition, and materials fees—due March 15, 2022. If registering after March 15, these fees will be due at the time of registering. These are all nonrefundable.

• 2nd quarter—May 15, 2022 (nonrefundable) 

• 3rd quarter—September 15, 2022 

• 4th quarter—November 15, 2022

*If a course is dropped by September 15, third and fourth quarter tuition will not be due. 

If a membership is ended during the school year, we are not able to issue refunds.

Tax Deductible Donations 
HEARTS for the Lord Academy is a 501(c)3. We graciously accept donations for facility expenses and for  enhancing our students’ overall amazing education experience. Please consider HEARTS as you make  your charitable contributions throughout the year. A tax-deductible letter can be sent for your  contributions. 


HEARTS is endeavoring to find corporate sponsors to assist us with growing our co-op through  fundraising matching programs, donations, and other creative financial solutions. If you are part of a  corporation or local company that would be interested in contributing to the growth of our amazing  co-op, please contact our director, Tara Ford. Additionally, our HEARTS Student Council (HSC) will be  organizing fundraising lunches and other events to help build our nest egg to put toward future  growth.