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What are the disciplinary policies?


What are HEARTS' disciplinary policies?


HEARTS Discipline Policy

The goal of HEARTS is to support Christian families in the home-based education of their children.  We endeavor to walk with the Lord in all that we do.  To this end, we require that all students comply with all HEARTS Policies listed on the website, conducting themselves with honesty, respect and integrity towards teachers, fellow students and other adults.  In addition, the Discipline Policy is outlined to provide structure and consistency to discipline issues should they arise.

We desire to provide an environment conducive to learning, free from distractions caused by disruptive behaviors such as talking over the teacher, using cell phones during class, or any behavior deemed by the teacher to be disruptive to the progression of the class.  Because HEARTS’ goal is to support Christian families and because we do not want to usurp the authority of the parents, parents will be called upon to act in disciplinary issues.

  • Initial offenses will be addressed with the student.  If the behavior doesn’t change future offenses will be reported to the parent by the teacher.
  • Continued disruptive behavior will result in parents being required to accompany their student(s) to classes.  Note:  Students who must have parents accompany them to class may not participate in any field trips or social activities.

Efforts will be made to counsel the student and support the parents.  If disobedience, disrespect, or defiance continue and there is no evidence of a contrite spirit, and the student’s behavior shows no change or improvement, or their behavior is a danger to others, then suspension or dismissal from HEARTS may be recommended or required at the determination of the Board or the Steering Committee.

Te following are grounds for immediate suspension or dismissal from HEARTS:

  • Willful possession of weapons, including but not limited to, firearms and knives;
  • Bullying;
  • Possessing and/or distributing alcohol or illegal drugs (including marijuana).

It is our most sincere desire to walk alongside your family in support of your homeschooling journey and we thank you for partnering with us in your child’s education.

Daily Supervisor and Study Hall Monitor Authority

During the school day, a HEARTS Daily Supervisor will be on-site, assisting the teachers, volunteers and students.  The HEARTS Supervisor is the ultimate HEARTS authority during school hours at GUMC.

Study Hall Monitors have authority over students during their time at HEARTS, while in study hall.  If a student refuses to obey any of the adultsduring Co-op, they will be sent to the HEARTS Supervisor.

**NOTE:  Turning in missing assignments due to discipline issues is the responsibility of the student.  It is the teacher’s prerogative to accept the work or to decline it.