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Is there a study hall offered?

Study Hall:

A study hall is provided for students who are in-between classes as a supervised study time. Per COVID-19 policy, if a student does not have a "need to stay on campus," he/she is not permitted to stay for study hall.  A need to stay would be defined as having a class before AND after the study hall, having a sibling that is on-campus and you are leaving together, a parent is volunteer/teaching or you carpool with someone that has to remain on campus.  

Our Standards of Conduct apply during study hall.
Students may:

  • work quietly and individually (Students may NOT talk during study hall as we share a room with another class)
  • sleep
  • use their iPods quietly
  • eat and drink as long as students are cleaning up after themselves
  • NOT sit on tables
  • NOT talk on cell phones during study hall, but texting is okay
  • must obey the instructions of the hall monitor and study hall monitor at all times
  • If students would like to work on a group project during study hall, please ask the study hall monitor or HEARTS supervisor if there is an empty room to work in