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Fire Canyon Vision and Educational Philosophy

Fire Canyon Academy is a non-denominational, Christian community of homeschooling families in the St. George area who create educational and enriching experiences for youth. We strive to offer opportunities for homeschooling families of youth 12 and older to connect with quality peers, deepen existing friendships, provide opportunities for increased spirituality, as well as provide an environment that encourages learning. 

We believe that education is acquired by those who have a desire to learn. Education is not forced but earned. We also believe education is not just for the mind, but also for the heart and spirit. Study in your core value books will be encouraged in many of the classes offered here. It is important that parents understand and become familiar with the philosophy of  A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille. Other books that Fire Canyon Board recommends would be: Teach the Children: An Agency Approach to Education by Neil Flinders, The Student Whisperer by Tiffany Earl, A Meeting with the Principle by Ali Cannon Eisenach, A Different Kind of Teacher by John Taylor Gatto.

Classes that are taught at FCA are offered by parents, community members, and other mentors who desire to provide a quality experience for youth. Each class project has a basic format and structure, but scholars are welcome to make requests for alternative requirements and/or assignment proposals if the parents and scholars believe it will improve their learning. 

As mentors we hope to inspire your children to want to work hard to obtain a great education. We recognize that not all scholars are the same or are at the same level when it comes to their abilities and skills. 

The FCA community intends to support and not replace the family as the center of learning.