Catholic Homeschoolers in Massachusetts East (CHIME)

Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

To support and encourage faithful Catholic families who are called through the vocation of marriage to educate their children at home.

Statement of Philosophy

  1. CHIME has as its foundation and guiding principle obedience to the authoritative teaching of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church, and fidelity to the Pope and the diocesan bishops in teaching communion with him.
  2. CHIME fosters devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, in order to grow in imitation of her virtues, especially those of faith, hope and love, humility, obedience, purity, simplicity and collaboration in the redemptive plan of Christ.
  3. CHIME membership is open to all faithful Catholic homeschooling families who have paid their annual dues. Voting membership in CHIME shall be reserved to active parents (and their spouses) who have homeschooled, are homeschooling, or intend to homeschool.
  4. CHIME activities (with the exception of CO-OP) are open to all persons who are supportive of our mission, including non-homeschooling families.
  5. CHIME supports and encourages families in pursuing their own educational approach – traditional curriculum, classical approach, unit studies, unschooling, special needs, etc.
  6. CHIME is a dynamic community that depends on the gifts of all its members. Therefore, everyone is strongly encouraged to serve the organization at all levels, taking family life circumstances into account.
  7. CHIME offers a variety of educational, social, and spiritual activities to meet a wide range of homeschooling needs by relying upon the initiative of its members. All are strongly encouraged to participate, according to the needs of their families.
  8. CHIME believes that open communication, through the appropriate channels, strengthens the community and fosters growth.