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Hope Co-op Policies and Guidelines

  • HOPE Families and Teachers should “read and heed” all of the policies and guidelines in order to
    maximize the benefit of classes for all students. Parents attest that all students have been informed of
    these policies and guidelines.
  • These policies apply to all HOPE sponsored functions on or off campus. HOPE campus consists of all
    space inside/outside of the buildings and parking lots. Building and equipment consists of all HOPE and
    host facility property.
  • Implementation and interpretation of all policies and guidelines is at the discretion of the Board. Please
    contact the Director for clarification or if you have questions.
  • HOPE is an academic co-op. If your student cannot stay on task for the entire classroom hour without
    parental involvement and without disturbing other students, please do not apply to HOPE.

Dress Code for Adults and Students**

  1. Dress and groom oneself in a way that honors Christ and brings you respect.  Guideline: Modesty 
    • No clothing that is revealing, see-through, or skin tight on top, middle, or bottom.
    • Shorts, skirts, and dress hemlines, and tops worn over leggings, must have adequate coverage.
    • All clothing must cover undergarments; in addition, no spaghetti strap tank tops.
  2. Dress in a way that is appropriate for the type of class attending (ie appropriate athletic attire and shoes for PE classes).
  3. No clothing with inappropriate, illegal, or immoral designs.
  4. Dress code violations will result in a student being asked to change or leave HOPE premises until they are dressed appropriately.
  5. Your nametag and your child’s nametag(s) are required. We quickly identify adults on campus by looking for a nametag. Your child (and their teachers) depend on their nametags (schedules printed on the back) to quickly locate their next class. Please be sure to wear them every Thursday. 

** If there is an issue with dress code, do not approach the child or parent.  Please bring concerns to the attention of the Director.

General Behavior (All families)***

  1. Students are expected to act in a respectful and polite manner to adults and fellow students. For example: no talking over others, especially the teacher; raise your hand to be called upon; stay seated in your chair; say “Yes, ma’am/sir”, “Thank you”, “Mr./Ms. ____”, etc
  2. Bullying behavior (whether physical, emotional, or verbal, including social media, text, etc.), and promotion of
    behavior contrary to any portion of our Statement of Faith, will not be tolerated.
  3. Any controlled-substances found on HOPE premises will be confiscated and, if illegal, turned over to the
    Frisco Police with appropriate names and information regarding the confiscation.
  4. No smoking or e-cigarettes on the HOPE premises, including in vehicles. If found, the cigarettes or entire unit may be confiscated and disposed of without repayment or return.
  5. No weapons, including pocket knives, allowed at HOPE.
  6. No public displays of affection at HOPE, including hand-holding, kissing, embracing and/or other physical fraternization.
  7. No rough housing, running or talking loudly.
  8. Students are to be in designated areas only and may not loiter in the bathroom. If found in a restricted area they will be given a discipline notice.
  9. HOPE does not comply with the Directive from the Federal government in regards to transgender bathroom
    use. Students and parents are required to use the bathroom facility that corresponds to their gender on their birth certificate
  10. No gum is allowed at HOPE.
  11. Students may not bring food or drinks to class other than a water bottle.
  12. No electronics, including cell phones, may be in use in the classroom except those brought or authorized by teachers. All unauthorized or disruptive devices may be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.
  13. Your belongings are your responsibility. Items left at HOPE will be placed in HOPE’s Lost and Found box. All
    unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each semester.

General Behavior (All families)***

  1. Parents’ phones should not be used in class. 
  2. Our teachers work hard to prepare fun, interactive, and exciting lessons in order to enhance classroom learning opportunities.  Please do not allow your children to bring anything that would be disruptive for them or the other students. 
  3. Speak to others (children and adults included) in a Christ-like manner.

*** If the Director has to speak with you about any of these issues, it is grounds for dismissal.

Illness and Medical Issues

  1. Please do not bring/send your children who have had fever, vomiting, or diarrhea within the last 24 hours.
  2. Please do not bring/send your children who have a cloudy, runny nose or a consistent cough.
  3. Any accidents should be reported to the Administration immediately. Parents must be notified.
  4. Only adults will deal with bodily fluids and gloves will be used when dealing with blood.
  5. All open wounds must be covered before the student can return to class.
  6. If you have a child with special needs, such as dyslexia or cannot read by second grade, a medical condition, or food allergies/restrictions of which HOPE should be made aware, please indicate that on the Medical Release/ Liability form and inform teachers. HOPE and its families do not claim medical expertise, but will administer reasonable regular care when possible. No medicine will be administered without consent.

Building and Equipment Policies

  1. We are guests at this facility. Treat the facility with respect. For example, keep bathrooms neat and avoid tracking mud into the building.
  2. All stages, church equipment, and “island” are off limits, except under a teacher’s direct supervision.
  3. Do not sit on tables or desks.

Discipline Policy

Discipline notices are reserved for blatant or repeat disobedience and disrespect toward an adult or for physical harm to another student. Warnings may or may not be given before issuing a discipline notice for these offenses. Discipline notices may be written by any adult member of HOPE during any HOPE function, including regular or extra class days, programs, or field trips. Discipline notices are to be turned in to Hope’s Co-op Director on the day of the offense.

    1. First offense: Verbal warning. Teachers/adults are encouraged to verbally inform the parent of the warning either in person during co-op that day or by telephone during the week after the verbal warning was given. A written communication slip may also serve as a verbal warning.
    2. Second offense: The second offense is to be documented by a written discipline notice. The written discipline notice is given to the parent and the co-op Director. The student may be removed from class activities depending on his/her conduct.
    3. Third offense: The third offense requires a second written discipline notice. After the second discipline notice is received, the family will receive a written summary letter from HOPE’s Co-op Director. If necessary, a conference will be held.
    4. Fourth offense or third written discipline notice: The third written discipline notice warrants expulsion of the student for the semester. HOPE’s Board reserves the option of expelling the family.

Exceptions -Grounds for immediate expulsion:

  • Any purposeful acts of vandalism.
  • Any defiant behavior or foul language.
  • Any alcohol or controlled substances.
  • Any bullying behavior

Lunch Time (12:00-12:50)

  1. Have a designated spot where your children know to meet you for lunch.
  2. Parents should plan to pick up preschool and nursery children immediately following third hour, no later than 12:05.
  3. Lunch eaten inside the building is confined to the designated lunch rooms only or families may also eat outside of HOPE. Each family MUST clean up their own mess and trash.
  4. If possible, drinks should be either light or clear in color and no Monster drinks or high energy drinks are allowed at HOPE.
  5. Parents are responsible for monitoring their own children or designating an adult to do so during the lunch hour.  Children are allowed to play outside as long as their parent or designated adult is with them and not left unattended.
  6. Families will be given a discipline notice for unattended children.

Tardiness/Attendance Policy

Consistent and prompt attendance is vital for the co-op to run efficiently.

  1. Please be sure to be on time to class, as tardiness is extremely disruptive to class.
  2. Parents will have an assignment every hour (teaching, assisting, or administrative assignments).   You will need to check in at the front desk before the bell during the hour that you “float” to get your assignment.
  3. For the safety and integrity of all Co-op members (adults and students), every classroom will have at least two adults present. If one adult needs to leave the classroom during class time, the door shall remain open for the duration of the additional adult absence.
  4. Every family must attend all three hours and you may not leave the classroom or the building unless specifically authorized by Administration.  Our classroom assignment system allows the Front Desk to locate any mom or child quickly in the event of an emergency.
  5. Children may not attend co-op without a parent on campus.
  6. If you are going to be absent, you must notify the Assistant Director as soon as possible and your assistant(s) in any class you teach.  It is your responsibility to get your lesson and supplies to your assistant(s) before the day you will be absent.
  7. Every family must attend the mandatory Fall and Spring semester orientations in order to participate in HOPE Co-op.
  8. 2 tardies = 1 absence.
  9. 3 absences (for any reason) will result in member “not in good standing” with HOPE.  (When registering for
    classes the following semester, your “standing” with HOPE determines when/if you register.)
  10. Registering (for classes) Policy
    • Group 1 = Members in “Good Standing”
    • Group 2 = New Members
    • Group 3 = HOPE members “Not in Good Standing”  (if space available)
  11. Current families that don’t pay the registration fee by the deadline will register for classes with new families.
    1. Any former Co-op member (defined as not having been actively enrolled in the most previous semester) seeking to return to Co-op will need to complete the admission process.
  12. Once a re-commitment form has been submitted (current families) or admission has been finalized (new families), we are counting on you.  Please plan to honor this commitment.  Should you change your mind about participation, barring a family illness or emergency, your family will forfeit all fees paid and may be unable to reapply for up to two years at the discretion of the Board.

Lesson Plans, Class Fees, and Receipts

  1. Lesson Plans are due four (4) weeks before the 1st day of Co-op. The specific due date for lesson plans will be communicated by the Curriculum Director.
  2. If the lesson plans are not turned in by the due date, the teacher will receive 1 absence.
  3. If the lesson plans are not turned in 4 days after the due date, the teacher forfeits his/her right to teach the class. The teacher will be placed on the breakdown or set-up team.  The teacher will not be able to select between set-up or breakdown.  The Co-op Director will place him/her where needed.
  4. If the lesson plans are not approved, the Curriculum Director will ask the teacher to make needed changes.
  5. Teacher’s class fees will be given to them each semester.
  6. Teachers have a fiduciary responsibility to the families of HOPE for their Class Fee money.  Teachers must turn in their Class Fee Ledger along with receipts to the Co-op Finance Assistant by week 9 of each semester.  Teachers may turn in ONLY ONE handwritten receipt, which must be signed and dated.  Black copies made at home may be expensed at the rate of $0.10 per copy.  Colored copies are at $.15. Any Class Fee funds that are unused or unaccounted for must be returned to HOPE at the end of the semester. 
  7. Please use your Class Fees for educational purposes, and keep prize expenses to a minimum.  

Homework/ Supplies Expectations

  1. Be sure your child comes prepared for each class with general school supplies (pen/pencil, paper, folder, crayons, scissors, glue, etc.) as well as the items on the Supply List in the Course Description for each
  2. Label all items with your child’s name, especially in the Nursery/Preschool area.
  3. Each child needs to bring a backpack to carry his/her belongings and also a water bottle.
  4. Students must turn in all homework assignments to the appropriate teacher on time.  In the event of non-compliance to the homework policy, the Co-op Director will discuss the consequences with the parent(s) and student(s), including, but not limited to, inability to attend HOPE Prep.

Class Add/Drop Policy and Procedure

  1. Free adds and drops end at the final class fee payment deadline.  Students will be dropped from any classes they have not paid for by the payment deadline.
  2. The final add/drop window closes at the end of 3rd hour on Week 2.
  3. Class fees are not refunded when a student transfers out of a class after the payment date**.
  4. Once a class has reached its maximum number of students, the class is closed.
  5. Teachers do not approve class changes.  Please do not request a class change from a teacher.
  6. If the items above are understood, and you wish to make a class change inside the student’s age group, then please email the Co-op Assistant Director (not the teacher) of the class transfer request.  He/She will:
    • Confirm that the class being transferred into is open for new students.
    • Make the change in the computer, if necessary.
    • Email a confirmation of the change to the parent, both teachers, and the Treasurer.
  7. This email will include the amount owed for the new class.
  8. Note:  The parent should provide the additional class fee to the Co-op Treasurer.  Administration staff will change the HOPE record books to show the student’s new location.  The parent will change the student’s name tag to reflect the location change.
  9. If the class change involves a student taking a class outside his/her registered age group, then the parent needs to discuss the class change with Administration before beginning this class change process. Administration will confer with the teacher before giving approval for the student.

**This is to protect our teachers who receive their class headcount shortly after family registration each semester and begin shopping for x number of students.  When you child drops the class and HOPE pays them for x minus
1 student, the teacher loses money.  In addition, each class change requires significant work on our staff.

Co-op Communication

  1. It is the responsibility of each participating parent to stay up to date with all communication sent out by Co-op Admin, Support Staff and Teachers.
    1. Parents must also respond when necessary in a timely fashion
  2. It is the responsibility of the participating parent to maintain a valid email address and phone number on their member only portal


  1. Interested potential members need to attend one of the prospective member meetings. Please fill out the Interest Form.
  2. Please do not bring guests who are off for spring break or other holidays who are not interested in joining HOPE.  If a HOPE family has a child in public/private school and that child is out for the day, they are always welcome.