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As an Eastside Explorer, you will receive:

*  Access to our calendar, forum, and family contact information

*  Email messages from the group and access to our private Facebook group

*  A sense of community with other homeschoolers for mutual support, friendship, and encouragement

*  Opportunities to participate in the following member-led activities (varies by interest, attendance, and planning of our members):

       -  Weekly Park Days (with optional P.E. class)

       -  Discounted field trips 

       -  Holiday parties

       -  Prayer team

       -  Planned events and gatherings such as Friendsgiving, Geography Fair, Kick-off, and more!

       -  Monthly Teen events (ages 13+)

       -  Monthly God's Girls group (ages 9-12)

       -  Monthly 4:12 Girls group (ages 12-14)

       -  Quarterly Mom's Time Out

       -  Discounted Semester Class Registration/Facility Fee for optional classes