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>>  If you are applying for a renewal of your Eastside membership, please take a few moments to review our website and read through all sections of the application before signing. Your understanding and agreement of new verbiage about our guidelines is of utmost importance. (And WELCOME BACK!)

>>  If you are new to Eastside and believe that participation in our support group co-op is a good fit for your family, please do the following before applying for membership:

  1. Note that Eastside's events (except for some field trips and/or camping trips) are held in the northeast valley (Scottsdale and northeast Phoenix), 
  2. Be prepared to pay your membership fee via Paypal upon completion of your application ($45 through August 31st, increasing to $55 on September 1st for the balance of the school year), and
  3. Be prepared to select at least ONE volunteer opportunity from the list provided.

In compliance with Arizona law, Eastside Explorers requires that each member family file an "Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool" with the Maricopa County Superintendant of Schools. Click the "Affidavit of Intent" link on the homepage to access the appropriate website. If you have questions about membership in Eastside Explorers that are not covered here or otherwise on our website, you are welcome to contact our Membership Team Leader.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our optional classes have separate tuition and is paid to teachers.

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Additional Questions:

  • Mandatory meeting on ____________________________
  • You will need to be available to help prepare and/or attend two events this year:  Fall Kick-Off, Family BBQ, Spring Showcase and other possible events - dates TBD.
  • Volunteering on this team may include:  food organization, planning games, taking photos, setting up/cleaning up, sending forum announcements.
  • This requires minimal planning/prepping just prior to the event and the volunteer position is complete once the event is over.

  • Mandatory meeting on _________________________________
  • Commit to plan at least two field trips for the entire year (one in 1st semester and one in the 2nd semester)
  • We make it as easy as possible with our huge idea list and step-by-step, time-saving instructions. You pick the time, day and location. 
  • All field trips must be booked by Sept. 30th (even if it isn't held until the Spring) so that all field trip dates can be added to the calendar and families can plan ahead. This will also help "get it out of the way" so you can focus on your school year.  Organizing each field trip sually takes about 15-20 minutes. An easy "job" for anyone!
  • The field trip liaison will provide you will an easy outline so you know just what to ask of the venue.  You can either call or email them. You'll simply email the completed outline back to the field trip leader o be added to the calendar. 
  • Once you've booked the field trip, you are done until the field trip date when you will be the "point person" the day-of.  

  • Mandatory meeting on ___________________________
  • Reach out to local and online companies to raise donations for Eastside Explorers to offset membership costs and provide scholarships.  
  • Each fundraising team member can reach out via telephone, email or in-person to secure 3-5 donations, gift baskets, prizes to raffle off during our fundraising event.
  • Members will receive a letter and email template as well as a list of companies to contact although you are not limited to the list.
  • This is an ongoing volunteer position throughout the year with the secured donations being gathered by early Spring.

  • Mandatory meeting on __________________________
  • Lead a group of girls ages 9-13 in your home every month for the academic year -OR- assist with taking turns teaching. 
  • You choose if you’d like to use a book study, Bible study, crafts and games.
  • You will receive direction and support, if needed, from our Board.  If you have a girl between the ages of 9-13, this is a great job for you!

  • Mandatory meeting on ________________________
  • Moms of preschoolers (ages 2-5) take turns planning at least one gathering, event, or special time together for these little ones.  It can be as simple as bubbles/balls at the park, host a playdate at your house, plan a meet up at the library for story time, plan a field trip to a puppet show or children's museum.  
  • You pick the day, time and let everyone know on the forum.
  • This is a great way for your littles to build young friendships!

  • Mandatory meeting on _____________________________
  • This position is an ongoing, year-long commitment for current members who love to welcome new members to Eastside and to answer membership and/or homeschooling questions over the summer and during the school year.  
  • The Welcoming team members will reach out to new members via telephone, email or over a cup of coffee.

  • Mandatory meeting on __________________________
  • This team will consist of parents of teens who would like to host a small group of teens in their home each month, alternate months and/or plan a teen group event.

  • Mandatory meeting on _______________________
  • If your kids like to attend our weekly park days, this is the perfect way to fulfill your volunteer job since you'll be there anyway!
  • Attend weekly park days and be availble to greet and introduce new/prospective members.
  • Plan occasional fun activities based on the interests of the kids (i.e. an organized game once a month, drawing lesson with sidewalk chalk, relay race, etc.).

  • Mandatory meeting on _______________________
  • If you have a child attending our Monday classes, this is a great volunteer area for you.
  • Stay just one Monday afternoon per month (8 times total for the entire year) to be on campus and present if any issues arise.  You may choose the Monday each month that you are available.
  • You may bring reading material, work to do, laptop, and even split up days and times with other monitors.  


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To complete your EE membership, please make sure that you make payment via PayPal on the next page for the completion of your application AFTER you have completed this form.