Central Homeschool Academics


Central Homeschool Academics (CHA) is a Biblically-based learning community specifically designed for homeschool families to experience connection and support. Through this partnership, with parents as the primary teachers, we offer Christ-centered supplemental, enrichment, and core learning options for your student(s).

Our desire is to encourage each student to love the Lord Jesus Christ and equip him/her to reflect Christ to the world through character, learning and serving. We are an extension of Central Church's Central Homeschool Life Group

We believe that each person, male and female, is made in the image of God and support God's design for the family unit. 

Interested in joining us? First, please take a moment to thoroughly read what CHA does and does not offer (next two columns) and membership qualifications before proceeding to request membership and complete class registration. 

CHA offers:

  • one day of engaging classes that compliment schoolwork done at home for age 7 through 12th grade (per NC homeschool criteria).
  • an eclectic mix of prayerfully selected curriculum to offer a framework for your family's core curriculum and enrichment needs.
  • a drop-off program with the requirement for a minimum of parent volunteer time per semester (opt out fee available).
  • qualified teachers that have been screened and background checked for each students' safety.
  • teacher feedback on student's participation and classwork.
  • a Biblically-based, encouraging community to foster growth and accountability for your family's homeschooling journey.

Liking the sound of what CHA offers? Please read what we do *not* offer (next column) before deciding if CHA is a good fit for your student. 

CHA does not offer:

  • a preschool program or classes for children under seven years old.
  • a rigorous academic program.
  • a complete academic program that eliminates additional work at home.
  • one specific style of curriculum.
  • the option for students to have cell phones throughout the day. 
  • parents the option to stay throughout the day unless it is their designated volunteer day.
  • students to veer from their originally scheduled classes.
  • final grading.

Thank you for reading in full! If you still feel like CHA is a fit for your student(s), please click here to proceed.