Divine Mercy Homeschool Co-op


Classroom Roles

All parents must stay on-site and fill a classroom role. The director will assign you a position based on your requests and the needs of the co-op. Departments and teaching teams will meet over the summer to plan a syllabus and determine required supplies for the year.  Teachers may receive a stipend and/or reimbursement to offset the cost of any extra supplies not purchased by the co-op or furnished by SSJ.

Committee Roles

As a homeschool cooperative we are called to come together to build community and work towards a common educational goal. As part of our registration we are asked to serve our DMC community by sharing our time and talents.  In addition to teaching we ask that each parent serves on one committee throughout the school year.

Committee Teams

  • Morning Set-up
  • Morning Assembly
  • Hospitality
  • Lunch - Set-up
  • Lunch - Takedown & Clean-up
  • Noon Assembly
  • Co-op Store
  • 3 O'clock Assembly
  • Afternoon Takedown 
  • Special Events

SSJ Volunteering

Throughout the year, members of the co-op volunteer to help out with various parish activities at Sts. Simon and Jude. These volunteer opportunities are in addition to the activities during the co-op day.

SSJ Volunteer Activities

  • Serving After Mass Fellowship (every 6 weeks)
  • Serving at a Lenten Fish Fry
  • Divine Mercy Sunday Parish Activities (Divine Mercy Sunday)
  • Trunk or Treat (October)
  • Come and See Festivals (various days throughout the year)

Academic Expectations

Although we enjoy the social aspects of a co-op, we provide academic enrichment.

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their students are prepared for class.

  • Primary students are expected to prepare any memory work or presentations as applicable.
  • Secondary students are expected to complete all required homework for each class.  

Parents should establish a set time in their daily or weekly schedules to ensure that their children are prepared for class.

Further, the Divine Mercy Co-op is a supplementary homeschool program, enhancing subjects that are taught more thoroughly at home. The parents must fully satisfy and comply with the homeschooling laws of Texas, with all the rights and privileges entitled to us as such.

Conflict Resolution

The co-op director and teachers will do everything they can to make this co-op a wonderful, enriching program for all families. As such, parents must do all they can to support the co-op volunteers and fellow homeschooling families. If any problems arise between enrolled children or parents which affect operations of the co-op, parents must bring these matters immediately to the attention of the director. Further, if anyone has concerns regarding any of the teachers, they should notify the director promptly.

Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior at all times while the co-op program meets.

Safe Environment

All adults in co-op (not just teachers) must have safe environment training. There are two ways to meet this requirement:

  • Virtus training in the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston within the past five years. (old method)
  • CMG Safe Haven online training. (new method)

If you have not completed safe environment training, please complete the CMG Safe Haven program.

    What To Bring To Co-op

    For Early Childhood students (nursery through Kindergarten)

    • a nutritious snack and water
    • a LABELED bag with diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes
    • a blanket for naptime

    For Primary students (Aquinas, Bosco, Cabrini, de la Salle)

    • a nutritious snack and water
    • appropriate footwear for PE
    • an art smock or old t-shirt
    • a pouch containing crayons, scissors, a pencil, and a glue stick (co-op has extras, if any student is in need)

    For Secondary students (Jr. High and High School)

    • a nutritious snack and water
    • Intermediate Art: art smock or old t-shirt
    • required materials for each class (please reference syllabi)

    For Parents

    • a nutritious snack and water or caffeine:)
    • any materials needed for your classroom or committee role
    • a picnic blanket for your family if you are staying for lunch

    Dress Code

    A uniform is required for all students Pre-k and older as well as adults.  Having a uniform makes it easier for everyone to keep track of which children and adults belong with our co-op. It also promotes co-op unity and classroom decorum.  Uniform details are listed below.  Please purchase these items for each of your students in time for the first day of class.  The Co-op has some gently used uniforms that you may have for free.  Contact the director with sizes needed. 

    For Nursery, Toddler, and Preschool

    • No uniform is required.

    For Pre-k through High School

    • The student uniform is khaki bottoms and navy blue polo-style shirt or Divine Mercy Co-op t-shirt.
    • Girls wearing skirts or dresses must have shorts underneath
    • Please no t-shirts that have other group logos on them, even if they are navy blue.  
    • Children in art class may also need an old shirt or art smock for some of the messier art projects.
    • Students enrolled in PE should wear appropriate shoes and bring shorts or sweatpants to change into, if necessary.

    For Parents

    • Please wear a navy dress or navy top with modest bottoms appropriate to your teaching assignment.  Prints are okay as long as they are mostly navy.  


    In an effort to be as cost effective and fair as possible, co-op fees are broken down into several categories. We ask each family to pay the following:

    • Student Supply fee ($50 per student for half day option or $75 per student for full day option)
    • Registration & technology fee ($30 per family)
    • Church donation (minimum $75 per family)

    Student Supply Fees and Registration & Technology Fees are to be submitted in one single payment per family. Payment instructions will be provided. Church donations will be submitted separately, payment instructions will be provided. Please see details below for more information.

    Note: Your registration is not finalized until your fees are received. Fees are non-refundable.

    Student Supply Fee

    • Co-op Half Day Option: $50 per studentThis option meets weekly w/ exceptions of holidays from 8:30am to 12pm for a total of 33 half days  OR
    • Co-op Full Day Option: $75 per student. This option meets weekly w/ exception of holidays from 8:30am to 3pm for a total of 33 full days.
    • Supply fees are the minimum needed to run Co-op, and therefore we are unable to offer multiple-children discounts.

    Additional costs, such as textbooks or online resources, will depend on individual courses.

    A lab fee will be required for all 7th-12th grade science classes. Exact lab fee varies, but should not exceed $65 per student.

    Registration & Technology Fee

    • $30 per family

    Church Donation (per family)

    In appreciation for the use of Sts. Simon & Jude’s facilities, we ask each family to make a donation to the church. The minimum required donation is $75 per family. Payment instructions will be provided.

    We also show our gratitude to our wonderful home parish by volunteering at various events throughout the year.

    DMC Flex Option

    As a homeschool cooperative, our program remains fully facilitated by parents – teaching, aiding, or serving in another imperative role.  Since we are unable to offer openings in nursery through 8th grades, we will offer a limited number of openings for DMC Flex, an option that allows for your high schooler to participate in the classes without a parent present.  Family situations such as this, which prevent a parent from remaining on site with his/her high schooler, will be discerned and accepted on a case by case basis.  Please reach out if this may apply to your family.

    Note: DMC Flex has fee adjustments in exchange for not having a parent present to contribute to the operation of the co-op, but strives to remain an affordable option for our Catholic homeschool community.

    Reach out to Stacy Ballay if you have any questions: divinemercycoop@gmail.com