Advent Blessings

Benefits of Membership

  • Members may participate in a variety of activities for both children and parents, such as spring Graduation Ceremonies with Mass; St. Therese Missionaries Teen Service Group; gym class; Voices of the Holy Innocents (VOTHI) Pro-Life Teen Group; a trip to D.C. for the March for Life with Pro-Life Wisconsin; the Page to Stage Book Club; and Parents Meetings.

  • At various times, members also plan additional activites such as "Men's Night Out" for the dads, an apologetics group for adults, a "Mom's Night Out", dances, park days, field trips, etc.

  • Members are able to use our forum, family and business directories, classifieds, and calendar sections. We also have links to helpful websites and information about Catholic events in our area.

  • We provide information and reminders about Wisconsin state laws, when and how to file the DPI form, pending legislation that could affect homeschoolers, tips about resources and opportunities for homeschoolers.

  • Perhaps most important, we all benefit from the support, prayers, and encouragement of the other families in the group.