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Expected Conduct

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Expected Conduct:


The behavior and conduct of our children is how society will judge homeschoolers and SLHE in general. Please join us to build a good reputation for homeschoolers as well behaved, interesting, and responsible young people.


1. Be respectful and courteous at all times.. No profanity. No drugs. No alcohol at any SLHE Family oriented events.


2. Absolutely no physical altercations are acceptable. Depending upon the severity, a member can be terminated immediately at the discretion of the Board.


3. Parents are expected to be in control of children and their behaviors at all times and are liable for any damage or personal injury incurred during any field trip or event scheduled by SLHE volunteers.


4. If someone else's child should break the rules ask him/her to check with his/her parents right away or inform the parent or event coordinator of the situation immediately.


5. If you have a conflict or issue with a member of SLHE, please try to resolve that issue or conflict with the person directly. If unable to resolve please bring issue to the event coordinator if applicable. If issue is still not resolved please bring issue in written form to the board President or Secretary. The issue will be addressed at the next meeting or, if needed, a special meeting of the board will be called. All board decisions will be final.


6. All members (parents & children) are expected to respect the use of any facility used by SLHE. Running in buildings, carving on or defacing property, throwing things, littering, willful damage to, or destruction of property, will not be tolerated. All members and children must respect the rules and materials in the facilities and not touch materials or equipment not needed for the function. Please pick up after yourself and your children and encourage your children to clean up all play areas before leaving. We should always advise our children that many of these facilities, whether used for meetings or visited for field trips may be someone’s work place. The level of noise must be kept to a minimum. Members must respect all parameters and restrictions set by any facility used by SLHE.


7. Students must be supervised at all times and are not permitted to roam freely without adult supervision at any SLHE event.

8. Students cannot leave an event without knowledge or permission from the host/hostess/coordinator.


9. At any SLHE meeting, special event or activity, the Board of Directors and/or Coordinator has the right to approve and choose the music listened to. Music must be honoring to family values and the SLHE purpose.


10. Parents need to honor the parameters established by coordinators of field trips such as sign up/cancelation procedures, meeting payment deadlines and participation guidelines.


11. Be prompt. If you are unable to be prompt for a scheduled event, the group will not be able to wait for you and will proceed without you. If you are unable to attend a field trip/event, let coordinator know in advance. Failure to do so would result in forfeiture of any monies paid. 12. Fulfill your commitments. If you find you cannot attend an event after signing up, call to cancel so someone else can take your place. If you find you are having trouble fulfilling your volunteer position, do all you can to help the coordinator find someone to take your place.


13. Please do not bring your child to a field trip or event if he/she is not feeling well, has been running a fever or is contagious. If your child has been exposed to a contagious illness, such as chicken pox, please inform the group members ASAP so we may take precautions. When it comes to chicken pox and such illnesses please do not bring potentially exposed but not yet sick children to events. Please also be mindful if your child or other family member has lice or has recently been treated for such.


14. Our activities are designed to be learning experiences for school age children and members should do all they can to make them as profitable as possible. Preschoolers and babies are more than welcome to attend the activities if they are not noisy or distracting. PLEASE remove disruptive preschoolers or babies (i.e., babbling, crying, talking, etc.) from any assembly in consideration of others. Your cooperation in this sensitive area is greatly appreciated.


15. Our rules extend to online activity. Do not flame other members on or off list. Do not forward messages from SLHE to other groups, with the exception of sale ads/public statements and the like. DO NOT forward or share personal SLHE messages and/or member contact information to other persons or other groups.


16. Do not create pages, sites or any other internet related vehicle in the SLHE name without Board approval. Any such site or page established without Board approval is in violation of law and member/members that created them will be asked to remove them and will be subject to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the Board.


17. Youth and parent(s) are required to abide by and sign Youths’ Expected Conduct. A youth is defined as any minor age 10 and older.


18. The Board of Directors has discretion to determine guidelines to all of the above.