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About Us

Who We Are

United Homeschool Co-op is a group of families who come together to support one another and share in homeschooling their children.  We offer a fun learning environment to supplement the curriculum you are using at home. We are a volunteer, non-profit homeschool organization serving Niceville and the surrounding Gulf Coast communities.

When We Meet

We meet on Fridays from 9:30-12:00 at Generations United Church in Niceville, FL. We offer Pre-K - 12th grade elective classes.

All of our moms serve each other and our kids in different ways based on our talents. For every hour your students are in a class, you are serving somewhere. It could be teaching, co-teaching,  setup/cleanup, administrative help, etc. But every mom does get an hour to spend time relaxing with other moms and build community. We call this Moms' Community Hour.

Each Semester is 10-11 weeks long with Fall semester running from the end of August to mid-November and Spring semester running from mid-January to mid-April.

We will offer two class periods.  During the registration period, the registered parents have a say in what classes are offered. So, if there is a class your student needs/wants or a class you like teaching, we can add it to the list. 


We will do our best to accomodate younger siblings in order to free mamas up for the classroom.


9:30 -  group assembly

9:45- 1st class period

10:30-  snack time 

10:50- 2nd class period

11:45 - Closing assembly


This time will be offered between the two class periods. Please pack a snack for your child.


There is a non-refundable annual family registration fee of $75. The $75 registration fee is due at sign up in order to hold your spot. 

In addition to the family fee, there is a student fee of $60 per student for the year*. For example a family of three will pay $75 family fee + 3 students at $60 each. The $75 registration fee is due at registration and the student fees are due by 8/1/2024. 

*Families with four or more children involved in co-op will receive a family discount.

All fees are due by 8/1/2024. We will be handling all of our payments via PayPal and registration through our Homeschool-Life page.  If you need additional payment options or have questions regarding tuition, please contact us at Unitedhomeschoolcoop@gmail.com 

Parent Responsibility 

Since our co-op is non-profit, we rely on our parents to teach our classes, and we need EVERY parent to be involved. All of our moms serve each other as well as our students.  We encourage you to use your talents, so our class options are only limited by what we are willing or not willing to teach.  Each Mom will serve at least one hour each week as teachers, co-teachers, and substitutes.  

Moms' Community Hour

It is our goal for every mom to get an hour to spend time relaxing with other moms and build community and lasting friendships. It will quickly become your favorite hour of the week.

Where We Meet

We meet at Generations United Church located at 108 Hwy 85 N, Niceville, FL, in the Group Life building (located behind the main building.)