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Thank you for your interest in providing contracted instruction to students through ETC. 

Please complete the form below.  By providing this information you agree to allow us to check the references you list. 

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Because we believe that it is important that Consortium students receive a Biblical education, we contract Christian teachers.  Please share your personal testimony of your faith in Jesus Christ, including your salvation experience.  Please also review our statement of faith found on the ETC website ( under the "About ETC" tab.  ETC only contracts instructors who share our beliefs consistent with this statement.  Please contact the Consortium Director with any questions or concerns.

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What is your highest level of education completed?


List any degrees you hold.


We believe informal education can be as valuable as formal education.  Please tell us about any education you have that might not be represented by a degree award.

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Please list any teaching experience you have.  Include professional elementary, secondary, or collegiate teaching experience, as well as any volunteer teaching or tutoring you may have done. 

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Personal/Character Reference

Please provide the name and contact information of the pastor of the church that you regularly attend.

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If you cannot provide a pastoral reference, please explain why.


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Please provide the name and contact information of coworker or supervisor at a teaching job, a former student, the parent of a former student, or another person who can testify to your teaching experience.

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