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Student Benefits

The list of benefits to your student(s) is too great to capture on this form, but let your imagine run as you consider these opportunities:

  • Hobby & Art Fair
  • Science Fair
  • Spelling Bee
  • Bible Games & Scripture Memory Night
  • History Fair
  • Literature Fair
  • Field Day
  • Park Days
  • Field Trips
  • Group Games
  • Team Sports
  • Parties
  • Co-op classes
  • and best of all -- FRIENDSHIPS!  

Here is what students are saying about their time at co-op:

"I love my teachers!  They are so knowledgeable about the subjects they teach and their passion shines through.  They are always helpful when I have questions."

"I made so many good friends.  I know we will be friends forever!"

"I learned a lot!  My favorite way to learn is by playing games and my teachers played lots of games with us."

"I was doing my school at home, alone, then we found this co-op.  I can't tell you how much it means to me.  I'm glad I was accepted and felt like I fit in."

"I like the mixture of having some time at home to study, where there is peace and quiet, and some time to be in a classroom with friends."

"Well, it's school...but there are fun times too.  I like the field trips."

"I'm glad for the small group activities.  I made a lot of friends in my small group."

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