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2016 August – Posted 8/25/16

Back to Homeschool!  Keep Learning Fun!

March - Issue 8 – Posted 3/8/04
February - Issue 7 – Posted 3/8/04
Sample Newsletter - Word Document – Posted 8/5/03
The August Newsletter was done in Word. I uploaded the file within seconds to our group web site. Not all of our families have Word but then they download the FREE Word viewer from Microsoft and it allows users who do not own Microsoft Word to view and print documents that were created in Word. Now everyone in our group can open and print out our newsletter. The FREE viewer is here:
Sample Newsletter - Text – Posted 9/24/03

This Newsletter was done in a Word Processor that not all of our families have my program so...I copied the text from my program and pasted it into Now all our families can read this newsletter. Thanks You made my life a lot easier.

Sample Newsletter - Adobe PDF – Posted 8/5/03
The July Newsletter was submitted as an Adobe PDF file. The reader is a FREE download

Newsletter-Other Groups

Homeschooling Favorite Books – Posted 8/5/03

Shared Classes

Latin Class Schedule – Posted 8/5/03


Compare costs of Mailing Newsletter vs Posting to Web Site – Posted 3/8/04
Use to distribute your newsletter. Rather than printing your newsletter and spending countless hours formatting, printing, stuffing and hauling down to the post office - - post your newsletter to your group web site in less than 2 minutes. Let us show you how to lessen the burden of the newsletter editor. He or she will thank you!!


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