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Truancy and Homeschool Identification (1) - Posted 10/19/04
Posted 10/19/04 at 04:36 PM CST
Truancy and Homeschooler Identification

As part of the educational process, homeschoolers have the need (and even the right) to utilize parks, libraries and other community resources during the times that traditional public schools may be in session. Until recently, there has been no clear-cut way for anyone to differentiate between a homeschooler out in the community and a truant public school student. Unfortunately, this has created many opportunities for law enforcement officials, local school boards and child welfare agencies to needlessly meddle in the affairs of homeschool families.

While we understand and support, in principle, the need for truancy laws and their just application, law enforcement officials need to concentrate their efforts on actual public school truants. A HomeSchool ID card offers a recognizable and affordable solution to verification of a student's homeschool status.

The HomeSchool ID card takes the place of a student's Mom or Dad being present when their child is confronted by a law enforcement or truancy official. For an annual cost of only $6.95, a HomeSchool ID card is a resource no homeschool student should be without.

An additional reality is that homeschooled children miss out on many (if not most) student discounts simply because they don't have a student ID card! HomeSchool ID cards meet this need.

We hope you'll join us and the growing numbers of families nationwide that have taken the necessary steps to not only protect our children but also allow them the privilege of obtaining student discounts.

HSLDA members and HSF Friends of Home Schooling receive a 20% discount to purchase HomeSchool ID cards, and an additional 10% of the cost is donated to HSLDA to help fund ongoing needs.

Go to: to submit your e-mail address* (and HSLDA Account #) to get more info. * By submitting your email address we will use it to send you instructions on how to apply for this discount. This email will not be used for any purpose other than to inform you of details regarding this discount offer.

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