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Posted 9/24/03

I. Introduction
II. Project
III. By Homeschoolers. For Homeschoolers
IV. Homeschool Group Dynamic Database Driven Web Site


How can our group share information and communicate more effectively?
Is a centralized web site right for us?
Are we able to update and manage our web site?
How much work is involved? Is our information secure?
How can we use our Web site to communicate?
Can each family post their own classifieds?
Will our children have access to a secure, banner free forum?
Can our newsletter be on our site? Will we be able to archive past newsletters?
Can we afford a web site?
Would this be beneficial to our families?
To those beginning to homeschool?
Are other homeschooling groups using the web to stay organized and communicate?
What if our group is technically challenged? Is the site easy to use?
Can each family have their own secure web site?
Can we use designing a web site as part of our curriculum?
How do we start and how soon can we be up and running?


V. Application
Dynamic, group, secure Web site
Calendar of Events
Links, FAQs, Group defined dynamic pages
Photo Gallery
Articles / Publications
Personal family web pages
Email tool

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