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Where Homeschooling Families Connect

Want to know more about who we are?

PCHEA is a vibrant, growing homeschool community in the Texas Panhandle that gathers for homeschool support, resources, social events, information, and referral.  We have a private calendar, secure forums, and multiple events each year.  Here are some more details about PCHEA:

Warriors: Sports for junior high and highschool kids. We offer volleyball, soccer, tennis, track, cross country, basketball, rock climbing, cheer, football, baseball/ softball and swim. This group is constantly growing and is a great place for you kids to learn a new skill and grow and make some friends. https://www.pcheawarriors.com/

Student Council: Open for kids grades 8th to 12th. Opportunity for these growing teenagers to learn about Robert's Rule of Order and to serve their community. They meet every first Friday of the month and can join at any time in the year. Once they have been a part of student council for one year, they can run for an office position, which is a perfect opportunity for them to work on leadership skills. The student council puts on many of the teenager social events, and they do a community service project once a month too.

PCHEA Juniors: If you have young children not quite started in school and some elementary kids, this is the place for you! We have some wonderful moms who put on specific field trips and play dates just for our younger kids! Events for these are posted on our calendar and the moms who help run it also have an open Facebook page!

Events: We have about 4-5 big family events we host every year, monthly field trips for all ages, and even try to put in several service projects throughout the year! The only way we can make this happen is for our amazing volunteers and there are some fantastic incentives for volunteering too!

Dances: PCHEA host several community dances a year for junior high and highschool aged kids, including PROM.

Graduation:  Each year there is a precious kindergarten graduation the night before our highschool graduation! This is a great experience for the whole community to celebrate years of great work to come and great work achieved.

Mom's Night Out: We know homeschooling can sometimes feel overwhelming and we know moms need fellowship too. Once a month we host a mom's night out ranging from just getting coffee to escape room fun!


Public Events

PROM (NON-members)
May 6 - Saturday
07:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Classical Conversations Information Meeting
April 11 - Thursday
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM