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Guiding Principles

Principle #1 Respect for Authority

Respect for authority is one of the key character qualities of Christians. Submitting to authority means that you honor others and seek to obey all rules of the Link.

Principle #2 Moral Purity

Moral purity refers to a healthy naivete or the lack of experience with the world. It is an innocence resulting from a lack of exposure and defilement. Innocence can be stolen from our youth which can begin to unravel the years of hard work and training by the conscientious homeschool parent. The Link expects all parents of the youth involved in the co-op to take steps to protect the sexual innocence of other youth enrolled. As much as it is within our power, the Link will support the parents who have trained their own youth by preventing the intrusion of moral perversion in the minds of all the youth involved.

Principle #3 Honesty

Honesty is a fundamental characteristic necessary to maintain relationships. It is the bridge of confidence and trust linking people together. The Link will be organized and run in an honest way. We expect the parents involved with the community to respond with honesty. We expect the youth enrolled in the program to be honest. When a parent or student violates this principle, it damages the trust relationship in the community as a whole. Dishonesty, along with the related sins of lying, stealing, and cheating will not be tolerated.

Principle #4 Honor

Honor is a beautiful gift from God that is a great value in our children. This community seeks to uphold and encourage by God's strength and power this beauty that our parents so deeply desire for their children. Scripture is filled with passages on honor. "Before honor comes humility" and "A gracious woman attains honor". In any community it is very easy to fall into slander which steals honor from individuals and the community as a whole. We desire our parents, students, and faculty to be honorable, not foolish.

Principle #5 Respect for peers

A respect for peers has two aspects. The first aspect is a restraining of the flesh. This involves self control so as not to damage others or be a burden to them. This loss could be in resources, educational value, and/or time. The second aspect is compassion. This involves the sensitivity and maturity necessary to encourage brothers and sisters to follow Christ's example. We do not want our children to have a sense of self-centered "me-ism", but one of other-centered "we-ism". Both aspects of respect will be encouraged.

Principle #6 Respect for property

Respect for property is an expected practice of everyone in the co-op. The facility or building will be respected because we value the people who are letting us use it. The property of our teachers will be respected because we value our teachers. The property of all students will be respected because we value each student.

Principle #7 Educational opportunity

This collaborative educational opportunity is of great value to each person involved. To be good stewards of God's money we all want quality education. We expect our students to learn and value this opportunity. Because students should have a deep love for learning, we expect students to make every reasonable effort to be prepared for their weekly classes.