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What is BCHE?

What is BCHE?

BCHE is a member-driven, non-profit organization

operating in Bradley County, TN, but we have members

from many surrounding counties and cities.

Bradley County Home Educators is a Christian organization and is governed by Christian principles; however, it is open to everyone who home schools regardless of religion or cultural background as long as they can respect the policies, principles and Statement of Faith set forth in the BCHE By-Laws.  We are primarily a SUPPORT GROUP whose mission is to help others find joy in their homeschooling journey.  All of our activities and events are led by homeschool parents who volunteer their time and effort for the sake of their own families and other homeschool families.

Within our scope of support, we offer our members many activities and opportunities for social and educational interaction. Please enjoy our public pages and public calendar, which lists activities open to non-members. If you decide to become a member you will have access to the private website which is full of activities and events. Among those: Plays, Musical Performances, Clubs, Parties, Social Activities for teens, Used Book sale, Standardized Testing, Yearbook, Members Picnic, Sports Activities, Field Trips, Community Events. 

For full support and fellowship, please consider joining BCHE; you will then have access to field trips, plays, the book sale, annual testing, children's parties, Middle/High School events including a student clubs, co-op, annual field day and picnic, Scholastic books, the lending library, and much more.

If you are joining BCHE as a new member (or rejoining after missing a year or more), you will pay $40 when you register between May 1 and December 31.  Between January 1 and April 30, you have the option of paying only $20 for a spring-only membership, but renewal will be required as of May 30 for the upcoming membership year.

If you are a present BCHE member and need to renew your membership for the upcoming year, please log in to your account  to renew between May 1 - May 30.  If you completed an approved Service Task during the membership year, you may pay a discounted fee of $30 for the upcoming year.  (Check the Service Task List link on the homepage to verify that you are eligible.)  Otherwise, the annual fee is $40.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for further questions. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you and your family to help you find joy in your homeshooling journey.