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The BCHE membership year is June 1 - May 30.  The cost of an annual membership is $40 per family.  Please keep in mind that membership approval is contingent upon payment of membership fees; membership will not be approved until payment is made in full.

Please take note of the following options:

  • If you are joining BCHE as a new member (or rejoining after missing a year or more), you will pay $40 when you register between May 1 and December 31.  Between January 1 and March 31, you will pay only $20 for a spring-only membership.  Renewal will be required as of May 30 for the upcoming membership year.

  • If you are a present BCHE member and need to renew your membership for the upcoming year, please log in to your account to renew between May 1 - May 30.  If you completed an approved Service Task during the membership year, you may pay a discounted fee of $30 for the upcoming year when you fill out the Service Task Confirmation form.  Otherwise, the annual fee is $40. If you have missed the renewal window and your membership is "parked," please email us at [email protected] for payment options without duplicating your account. It is very important that you do NOT create a new account when trying to renew after being parked.

Payments can be made online via PayPal by selecting the appropriate option below, or by sending a check payable to BCHE to the BCHE Treasurer:

BCHE, c/o Lea Myers

4799 Crestridge Lane NW

Cleveland, TN 37312


BCHE membership requirements are as follows:

1. That each member reads the Terms & Conditions,

2. That each member family e-signs an Adult and Youth Liability Waiver for insurance purposes,  which is kept on file, and understands that doing so also acknowledges that members respect the BCHE Statement of Faith as a guideline of the organization's establishment, principles and leadership, 

3. That parents who teach in the Co-op, or lead on the Steering Team, sign a Statement of Faith.

4. That each member prayerfully consider serving in a position to help BCHE continue to offer a variety of great activities. You can fill out the Service Task form during the membership process or by clicking on the link on the navigation menu. 

5. There are several questions to answer at the end of the registration. Answering these is important as it helps us keep track of important information for our non-profit documentation, and helps us get to know you better so that we can better serve you. 

(Please understand the nature and scope of this Support Group: we are NOT specifically a Co-op and joining BCHE does not assure your entry into the annual Co-op classes. Enrollment is limited because of space considerations. Your willingness to teach a class will aid in your being a part of co-op. BCHE is a support group and offers numerous opportunities for social interaction and ways to make friends in the homeschooling community. The Co-op is just one part of what BCHE does. There are many ways to make friends and find support in your homeschooling journey.) We encourage you to explore the other homeschool support groups in our area. 

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Additional Questions

We desire to know our members so that we can serve you better and facilitate your Finding Joy in the Journey. Please take a few moments to read and carefully answer the questions below. Your answers will assist us in guiding BCHE. 

Also, please consider volunteering in many positions of service in BCHE. For a list of service opportunities, visit the Service Tasks page (viewable on the member pages only) to learn how a few hours of your time can benefit many families and their children. 

Are you interested in joining HSLDA? If so, you may join on your own and get a group discount by using our group membership number: 210024 . Visit the HSLDA website at http://www.HSLDA.org for membership or to simply take advantage of all the valuable and helpful free information. 

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