Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6) Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)




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Part 1: Parent Information

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Father's First and Last Name:

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Mother's First and Last Name:

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Marital Status:


If "Other", explain:

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Father's Employment:

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Mother's Employment:

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Street Address:

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Zip Code:

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Primary Phone Number:


Other Phone Number (optional):

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Primary Email Address:

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Which church do you currently attend?

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What is your involvement in your church and community?

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What hobbies or special interests does your family enjoy together?

Part 2: Student Information

17. *

Has your family ever been enrolled in Olivet?


If "Yes", please list the Student's Name(s), Years Enrolled, and Reason(s) for Withdrawal:

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School Year Applying For:

For each student seeking enrollment with Olivet Private School for the school year listed above, please include their full name, date of birth, gender, grade entering and whether you are seeking enrollment as a private school student (full private school student - receives diploma upon graduation; CAN NOT be enrolled with the county as a homeschooler or with PEP) or in our partnership program (access to select services and does not receive a diploma; MUST be enrolled with either the county as a homeschooler or with PEP):

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Student 1 - Full Legal Name

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Student 1 - Enrollment status

Olivet Private School Student Olivet Partnership Program Member
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Student 1 - Date of birth

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Student 1 - Gender

24. *

Student 1 - Grade level for the enrollment year selected


Student 2 - Full Legal Name

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Student 2 - Enrollment Status

Olivet Private School Student Olivet Partnership Program Member
No 2nd student

Student 2 - Date of birth


Student 2 - Gender


Student 2 - Grade level for the enrollment year selected


Student 3 - Full Legal Name

31. *

Student 3 - Enrollment Status

Olivet Private School Student Olivet Partnership Program Member
No 3rd student

Student 3 - Date of birth


Student 3 - Gender


Student 3 - Grade level for the enrollment year selected


For additional students, please add their full legal name, birthdate, gender and grade entering below:

36. *

For each student seeking enrollment with Olivet Private School, please list the previous school(s) attended, the complete address of the school(s) and the dates/grades attended:

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Have any of the students listed on this application been expelled or suspended from school or had any other disciplinary action taken against them?  


If "Yes", please explain and be specific: 

39. *

Have any of the students listed on this application been diagnosed with a learning or behavioral disability?  


If "Yes", please explain and be specific:

41. *

Are the students listed on this application able to work on grade level and actively participate within their own age group?


If "No", please explain and be specific:

43. *

How did you hear about Olivet Private School?

44. *

Please explain why you desire to educate your child(ren) at home, and why you are specifically interested in Olivet Private School. 

Part 3: Commitments

Because Olivet Private School is founded on Christian principles, each enrolled family must meet certain requirements set by the Olivet Board.  While membership into Olivet Private School provides more support and academic/social opportunities then homeschooling independently, it also requires family participation and involvement to run.  All enrolled families must work together with guidance from the Olivet board to provide the unique opportunities our students enjoy each year.  Without this participation, our school cannot run as intended.  Please take the time to consider the following agreements to ensure that Olivet Private School is the best match for your homeschooling family.  Members must be willing to comply with these requirements; failure to do so may be cause for dismissal with no refund of tuition:

45. *

Our family agrees to taking the yearly Iowa Test as required by the school (3rd-12th only).  

46. *

Our family will regularly participate in school activities and/or school sponsored activities each school year.

47. *

Our school depends upon parent participation in order to provide extra-curricular activities. Because our school activites are parent led, our family agrees to assume responsibility for at least two jobs/fieldtrips/activities each school year. 

48. *

We understand that tuition is due in full upon enrollment, regardless of length of enrollment. If a payment plan is needed, we agree to make payments by the due date(s) set forth by the treasurer. *Please note, failure to make timely payments may incur late fees.

49. *

We agree to fill out and send in, on time, quarterly attendance reports (K-12th) and quarterly progress reports (8th -12th) for each enrolled child.  * Please note, late fees will incur if reports are not turned in on time.

50. *

We agree to abide by the Dress Code and the Conduct Code at all school related functions.

51. *

We ensure that our family will act in a Christ-like manner at all school functions and in all of our dealings with other Olivet Private School families.

52. *

We have read, understand, and are in full agreement with Olivet Private School's Statement of Faith.

53. *

In addition to the above statements of our faith, we do attest that we, parent(s) and children, regularly attend a local church assembly that adheres to the teachings in this Statement (Hebrews 10:25).

54. *

We understand that since Olivet Private School is not funded publicly, the Board of Directors reserves the right to DENY membership to any applicant for any undisclosed reason. In the event of membership denial, any fees will be refunded.

55. *

Upon receipt of this application, you will be contacted to schedule a family interview with the Olivet Board of Directors prior to acceptance. Interviews are conducted Monday or Thursday evenings with both parents and enrolling children. Please let us know all nights your family is available and we will contact you to confirm.

 (1 required)
Monday of this week; 6:30pm Monday of this week; 7:30pm
Thursday of this week; 6:30pm Thursday of this week; 7:30pm
Monday of next week; 6:30pm Monday of next week; 7:30pm
Thursday of next week; 6:30pm Thursday of next week; 7:30pm

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy as to Member Families

Olivet Private School, Inc., admits students and approves for membership parents of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school or members of the school.  Olivet Private School, Inc., does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admittance to membership, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic programs, or other school-administered programs.

From the Bylaws of Olivet Private School, Inc.
Article 5

5.1 OBJECTS AND AIMS:  This corporation is organized exclusively for educational purposes which include, but are not limited to, establishment and operation of an independent private system of elementary and secondary schools with an emphasis on home study courses within which members, approved by the corporation, may teach their own or other children over whom the members have lawful authority, principles and knowledge necessary to prepare them for life, both temporal and eternal.

The member, as teacher, with the support of the corporation, shall provide the opportunity for their children to receive a basic education and to learn good study habits, the ability and desire to continue the learning process after school, and appreciation for the physical labor, strong moral character, and healthy fear of God, the proper respect for authority, and preparation for future responsibility at home, in their church, and in the community around them.  

5.2 APPROVAL AS TEACHERS:  All members desiring to teach shall be approved by the corporation before he or she may teach his or her children under the auspices of the corporation.  Approval shall not be based upon the member’s race, color, national or ethnic origin but approval may be denied based upon other factors including but not limited to the member’s religious and moral convictions or lack thereof.  Upon the approval by the Board of Directors, the member shall be required to sign a release from liability in favor of the corporation and its directors and officers.