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2018-2019 Classes


Our nursery is led by a minimum of two parent volunteers selected on a rotating basis from the fantastic parents of our students. The nursery period includes stories, snuggles, snack and playtime. A nursery coordinator will ensure that ease of drop off and organization of all the necessities our little ones require during the school day.

For our movers and shakers who are not yet old enough to be a part of the preschool class we offer a break out time from the nursery play. Kids will adventure out as a class for large motor time as well as circle time including songs, stories, crafts, and snack time.


Preschool is for little ones ages 3-5 years who can participate in teacher-directed play and activities. Children need to be three years old by June 1 and fully potty trained to participate in the preschool class.

Two teachers team-teach the preschool group through stories, object lessons, hands-on experiments, games, and songs. Each class day also includes snack time and large motor play in the gym.

Stepping Stones (Kindergarten/First Grade)

Our Stepping Stones class is designed for our youngest students (kindergarten and first grade, ages 5-7) who are ready for an extended period of instructed learning. The student should be able to identify their own name and begin writing their name, play independently, manage bathroom needs, listen attentively, and follow simple instructions.

Throughout the morning the students will remain together as a class where they will participate in a variety of exploratory and hands-on activities in art, science, geography, literature, and physical education.

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Lower Track (ages 7-10+):

Our lower track classes are best suited for developing readers and writers who are able to work both independently and in small groups for portions of the class period.

Upper Track (ages 10-14+):

Our upper track classes are geared for students who are confident readers and writers as well as able to work independently both in class and outside of class on projects or homework.

Biology: Plant Science Upper Track, Fall 2018 Semester

Biology: Animal Science Upper Track, Spring 2019 Semester

In this course students will be introduced to biology through the study of plants and animals. In the fall semester we will focus on living things via plants. Students will move past a general knowledge of plants and learn Latin classification, tree identification, photosynthesis, and cell structure. Hands-on nature hikes and field trips, microscope work, experiments, and dissections will be a large part of class time. In the spring semester we will focus on the wonder of God's creation through animals. We will learn about microscopic creatures and explore various classes of animals with several hands-on dissection labs. Students are welcome to take this class all year or only one semester.

Civics: Exploring Citizenship Upper Track, Yearlong

Immigrants to the United States who want to become naturalized citizens must pass a civics test. The 100 question civics test covers important U.S. history and government topics. Do you know enough to pass this test? We will use the study tools available for this exam to memorize facts that all American citizens should know. We will also use supplemental sources and short assignments to study additional civics topics and U. S. History.

Elementary Science: Plant Life Lower Track, Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 Semester

This class will introduce students to the world of biology through plants! Students will study Latin classification, take nature walks, learn what a cell is, and create their own tree identification booklet. Students will examine plant parts with a microscope, force a bulb, and run a scientific experiment.

Geography: Making Mountains Lower Track, Fall 2018 Semester

In this class we will combine the study of earth’s landforms with the creation of a dos-a-dos handmade book. Each student will create their own masterpiece, one side using traditional Western sewn pages to record our observations about landforms (What are its characteristics? Where can it be found? What kinds of animals live here?). The other side of the book will open to an Eastern-style accordion fold that lends itself to layered landscape scenes depicting the landforms created through collage.

Handicrafts Combined Tracks, Spring 2019 Semester

Students will experience a variety of art and craft mediums through this team-taught class. Each month the class will focus on a different skill: weaving, leather working, calligraphy, and watercolor painting.

IEW: All Things Fun & Fascinating Lower Track, Yearlong

This class is designed for students who have had no prior IEW experience but can write basic sentences independently and are capable readers.

Humorous characters, cunning creatures, and meritorious men of history will captivate students as they learn to take notes, summarize narrative stories, write from pictures, put together a mini research report, and compose creative essays using Andrew Pudewa's Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) book All Things Fun & Fascinating. Our IEW classes require additional independent work on lessons outside of the co-op class week in order to complete the curriculum in one year. Parental involvement is necessary and expected.

An Introduction to Literary Analysis Upper Track, Fall 2018 Semester and/or Spring 2019 Semester

In An Introduction to Literature Analysis, students will be discussing and discovering what makes “good literature”. We will explore the themes and techniques used by authors in a variety of genres. In the first semester, we will be delving into the novels Redwall, by Brain Jacques and The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom with Elizabeth and John Sherrill. The second semester we will explore The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis as well as The Scavengers, written by Michael Perry. Students are welcome to take this class all year or only one semester. Students will be expected to complete homework outside of class including reading as well as work in the accompanying study guide available from Progeny Press.

Robotics Combined Tracks, Yearlong

All students begin at a beginner level and work at their own pace learning basic design, building, and mechanics. The STEAM Science & Robotics exclusive robotics kits connect with snap and lock components, but also combine with nuts and bolts and use plastic, metal, and specially synthesized materials.

Level One Kits include curriculum that covers design, construction, mechanics, and basic operation of a robot. The various elements of Level One instruction include robotic design and structure, center of gravity and lifting force, fictional force and inertia, infrared, light, and remote control sensors, robot motion and stabilization, gears, axles, wheels, and movement mechanics, and control board switching.

Advanced Spanish Combined Tracks, Yearlong

This course is designed to introduce the study of the Spanish Language to students in third through seventh grade.  This course provides students with language they need to communicate in real-life situations.  While oral communication is the emphasis of this class, some reading and writing will be an integral part of each thematic unit.  Students will also be exposed to some interesting facts of the Spanish-speaking world and experience various aspects of the Hispanic culture through art, music, and cuisine that are related to the topic of the lesson. 

Speech Upper Track, Spring 2019 Semester

During this class, we will utilize a variety of activities to give students opportunities to develop their individual ability to present in front of a group. We will work on skills to build confidence while evaluating their work for improvement areas (such as eye contact, speaking clearly, etc). Presentation areas will include a memorized section, an extemporaneous section, and an informative speech of their own. Some work at home will be required to practice and prepare for class.

Talkative Tidbits Lower Track, Spring 2019 Semester

During this class, we will utilize games and activities to give students opportunities to develop their ability to think and speak clearly during conversations and classroom presentations. There will be a variety of partner work, group work, and individual presentations. Topics will include: speaking confidently, listening to others, thinking quickly, memory skills, and story-telling. 

Theater Combined Tracks, Fall 2018 Semester

Stages Theatre Company comes to us! A professional STC Teaching Artist will lead students as they sharpen improv skills, explore theatre games and exercises designed to develop acting skills, and learn to take a story from the page to the stage.

We the People Lower Track, Spring 2019 Semester

Help your students build their basic civic knowledge and understand their role as citizens of the United States of America through hands-on, interactive learning.