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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please contact us at info@HeritageHSA.com.



When and where do you meet?

Heritage Homeschool Academy meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays September through April (unless otherwise noted). Classes meet from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and your child is expected to participate the entire time.

We meet at Calvary Lutheran Church at 7520 Golden Valley Rd. Golden Valley.


What is the cost of tuition?

Your child will be enrolled in classes from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM for eight sessions each semester. Tuition rates for the 2020-2021 school year are as follows:




$135.00/semester, $10 Supply Fee

Stepping Stones (K)

$140.00/semester, $10 Supply Fee

Stepping Stones (1)

$140.00/semester, $10 Supply Fee

Lower Track

Base tuition is $205/semester plus additional supply fees;

Most elective class options have an increased fee due to specialized teacher experience/training, curriculum used, materials provided, etc.

Upper Track

Base tuition is $218/semester plus additional supply fees;

Most elective class options have an increased fee due to specialized teacher experience/training, curriculum used, materials provided, etc.



* We require that families registering for nursery also have a school-age child registered for classes.

** Please note that we give priority registration for preschool to families with children enrolled in our school-age tracks.


What are Lower Track and Upper Track?

We believe that parents are the best judge of their child(ren)’s abilities and placement rather than age or grade delineations. Therefore, we offer Lower Track and Upper Track selection of classes for children ages 7/2nd grade and beyond. Our lower track classes are best suited for developing readers and writers who are able to work both independently and in small groups for portions of the class period, with a minimum age of 7 through approximately age 10. Our upper track classes are geared for students who are confident readers and writers as well as able to work independently both in class and outside of class on projects or homework as necessary, with a minimum age of 10 through middle school. Each class description further provides information to parents as to the best placement of their child(ren) for each given course.


What is High School Track?

The Board of HHSA works to offer classes and opportunities for the children of our member families. When HHSA first started the co-op was geared toward older students. As our member families change and grow we work to provide opportunities that best meet the needs of those involved.

At this time, we are not offering high school courses. High school students enrolled in UT classes can opt to receive an increased, age appropriate workload.  We also offer a study hall for High School students.  We hope to expand our High School offerings in the coming years.


Can we choose which classes in which to participate?

Your student is required to participate from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM in HHSA classes. For the lower track and upper track students, a selection of courses is offered from which you can choose the best option for your student to participate. 


Are curriculum and supplies included in tuition?

No. A supply fee is listed with each course. Certain course may require additional materials or supplies be purchased by the student. This is usually indicated upon registration for the course or in the course syllabus.


Can I set up a payment plan?

Tuition payments are made in three installments: August 1, November 1, and February 1. You will be invoiced prior to each payment deadline throughout the school year. If a different payment plan would benefit your family it can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


Are there tuition discounts?

We recognize that homeschooling can be a huge financial commitment for families. We make every effort to keep our tuition costs as low as possible while providing an excellent academic homeschool program. There are a few ways to earn a tuition discount:

1. Large Family Discount - Large families receive 1/2 off the base tuition rate after 3 full tuition students.

2. If you pay your tuition in full by the August 1st deadline for the first tuition payment, we will refund you $40.

3. Consider if there's a class you'd like to teach! Teachers are paid and can put their payments towards tuition. If you have a class you'd like to teach, contact the board members and we will add it to our considerations.


Who are the instructors?

HHSA uses both parent-instructors and hired specialists to teach classes. Most of our classes are taught by parents who share our commitment to quality education rooted in Christ. Some of our parents are certified teachers, others have professional experience in the field they are teaching, and others simply love to learn and cultivate a love of learning in others. Qualified individuals who are hired to teach specific courses are considered through the HHSA Board and support the purpose and mission of Heritage Homeschool Academy.


What do I do while my kids are in classes?

A parent is required to stay on the premises for the entire co-op class day. For a part of each morning, you will be assigned to help in a classroom, preschool, or nursery. When you are not assigned to help in a classroom, a parent area is available for parents to use for prep time, Bible study, socializing, and encouragement.

In addition to school days assignments, each parent is asked to assist with at least one extra-curricular activity during the school year (i.e. party planning, field trip planning, set-up or clean-up of classrooms).


My child has special needs. Is HHSA able to work with us?

It is our hope that we would be a source of support for any homeschooling family. Please feel free to contact us if there are special accommodations that would make the experience for your special needs child more successful.


Do you have nursery care?

Yes, we offer both a nursery for children birth through 3 years old for a modest fee. 


Can I bring a guest or non-family member?

In unusual circumstances guests will be allowed to attend with a member family. Permission must be granted in advance from the HHSA Board. Payment of $25/day/child is expected for non-registered children in the building on school days.

Daycare children are not allowed to be regular participants in school days.

We offer two Open House/Tours in the spring each year as an opportunity for prospective families to visit, ask questions, and learn more about our co-op.


How do I register?

New member families are required to pay a one-time membership fee of $25 before you can register for classes. To request membership, click on the second icon (it looks like a person with a plus sign) along the top right bar of the website. Once we receive your request you can expect a response email with further information within 48 hours.

After you have received your approval email with a log in and password you will be able to register for classes at HHSA. We give priority registration to returning families in the spring, but new families are invited to register at any time as any remaining openings will be filled in the order that registrations were received. If classes are full, the student will be placed on a waiting list.


How did Heritage Homeschool Academy get started?

Heritage Homeschool Academy began in 1996. Our original goal was to serve older students - and their families. Today we offer classes for all ages and abilities from nursery to high school through the cooperative efforts of our member families and the administrative work of our leadership board.